Is it too late to sign up for second half of the school year?
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Thread: Is it too late to sign up for second half of the school year?

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    Default Is it too late to sign up for second half of the school year?

    I am thinking about using Time4Learning with my 10th grader. We used A Beka the first half of the year but I think my son would do better online. Is it to late to sign up now? He would only need to take two classes.
    Any help would be great.


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    Default Never too late!

    I definitely don't think it's too late to start with something new now, especially where your son only needs 2 classes. I'm using Time4Learning with my 2nd grader and have looked at the higher grades so I am guessing your son will have lots of great interactive experiences here! Hope this helps!
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    I've switched curriculum at this time before. Last year we started my son's math curriculum in February and he finished it just in time to start his new curriculum in August. He just did math through the summer, which wasn't so bad, really.

    I think it's never too late, especially if you look at your child's education as learning regardless of space, location or time. I mean, there have been years where we have schooled year round, and years we've just schooled the months we needed to do it. We don't go by the brick & mortar school calendar at all. I would say unless you plan homeschooling only for a limited period of time and then putting your child back in school, I would just do what is best for my child and choose the curriculum that works for him/us.
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