Is it too much time on the computer?
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    Default Is it too much time on the computer?

    I'm thinking of homeschooling my to be 1st grader and 4th grader. They are bright, good students at public school, but like to be home and we're wanting a more relaxed schedule, time for extracurricular activites, sports, Spanish, church, girls scouts, whatever. Also, hoping to get away from becoming too teenagery too fast from influences at school.

    I've always been against too much screen time but let them watch 1-2 hrs/day if there is time of either computer games or wii or a movie or pbs. I'm concerned w/this T4L that they will become so glued to the screen. How much time are kids spending on the computer at those ages? Are there oher activities/projects that are suggested so they can use their creativity and imagination?
    Thank you.

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    Hello and welcome to T4L!! Its exciting to be starting a new adventure, isn't it? We started in public school, as well, but after a myriad of issues, we brought my two older kids out after the completion of 1st grade and kindergarten, respectively. My daughter has since returned to public school (long story, lol) so now we have my older son, and our younger daughter is about to start the preschool program about mid-June.

    My 11yo is on for about 2 hours, depending on what he's doing. We go year round, so that shortens his time a little, as well as only being on like 3-ish days a week. However, from talking to other families that keep a more traditional school schedule, I know that their children aren't on for a whole lot longer than that ...maybe 3 or 4 hours. (Gotta leave a little wiggle room for grade level, as well.)

    We balance out the computer time with lots of other things. T4L is a *complete* curriculum, but my son is has so many interests, we add several other things to satisfy his curiosity. If I were to recommend you adding anything at all, it would be writing. I don't think children can ever get too much reading and writing (although, I can name several children who would disagree with me!! lol) We do a daily journal, book reports, history studies, science studies, bible studies and current events. We do a lot of hands-on projects as well. I go to Michael's and get art supplies when they're on clearance. (the only thing I pay full-price for with school is this program! I'm a cheapie lol) My 11yo is also a Lego addict, so I have him build me replicas of any thing we're studying - Biblical scenes (he built a great wall of Jericho), historical scenes, things in science... he enjoys using his imagination, and his creations are quite amazing.

    A couple of other things to consider about balancing computer time ... you have to think about the alternatives. Most of my friends use workbooks, and so many children just do not respond well to them. (Personally, I abhor workbooks - but that's just me) Also, we all know that computers are becoming a necessary evil in society. We look at it the same as we do our own jobs. Even tho I do all of my work on the computer, I still like to play as well. And I show them that you can balance work time with play time and not kill your eyes or get headaches, and still break it up with lots of other stuff.

    I hope I've been able to answer your questions ... if not, please feel free to ask more!
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