Trying to figure this all out . .
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    Question Trying to figure this all out . .

    I'm on a time crunch in order to avoid summer school in the public school system. So finding the right spot for my daughter is getting to be stressfull. I see that social studies and science is not included in the curriculum for 8th graders. What is everyone using to supplement?

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    I thought it was. Are you sure? My understanding was that it is from first grade on. I could be mistaken.

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    Seventh grade does not have science. Eighth grade does not have science or social studies. We are only in third grade so I haven't had to deal with that yet. We do supplement though with classes at local historical sites. There is also a group that meets at a local library to do a Country of the Month type thing. Each child presents some information to the group on the country being studied that month. For science my son designs and builds rockets with his dad on a regular basis.
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    I will be using lifepacs science an social studies an i just ordered dvds that show step by step the experiments so you dont actually have to do them if by chance u dont have some of the required items. The workbooks are very detailed an although i have not used them yet i was told they are repetitive to make sure the child learns it before moving to the next topic.
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    I usually recommend that eighth graders who have not previously used Time4Learning do the seventh grade social studies and sixth grade science. At this grade level, the difference isn't in the "difficulty" of the various levels. The difference is in the content. Most eighth graders will find the sixth grade science and seventh grade social studies plenty challenging. The seventh grade social studies is an especially good choice for a student who is hoping to "catch up" for public school, because it's a wonderful overview of American history. Standardized tests and most traditional school programs are heavy on American history.

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