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    I have twin girls, going into 5th grade and am really thinking of making the leap from parochial school to homeschooling this year. My girls are pretty average students. They make the honor role every year, but they do work hard to get there. They are not gifted, nor are they special needs, they are just pretty normal kids.

    We had a horrible public school experience in K and the first part of 1st grade and that is when I put them in parochial school. They like school, and have thrived there, but my issues are that I don't think they are getting as well-rounded an education as I would like. For instance, they get almost no computer instruction at this school and art is non-existent. We also live 30 miles from the school, so it gets to be a big commute every day to get them there and back and then pick them up and get them home. Sometimes they are terribly overwhelmed with piles of homework. This bothers me, why should they have so much homework if they are in school all day?

    I do realize the extent to which a school day is full of interruptions because of the classroom's needs. I taught music at this school in exchange for tuition for a while, and believe me, 1/2 of my class time was spent disciplining one or two of the kids (the same ones) over and over. I can see why not as much gets done in a school setting. I quit teaching because of this very issue. I don't have a teaching background, but was asked to teach this class because I am a working musician.

    So, here I am. I need a curriculum that has things laid out on what, where, when and how to do it. I like the idea of online learning because I work as a web developer. In my opinion, the sooner kids know how to use computers in a practical setting, the better off they will be. I need my kids to be somewhat self-directed because, while I will be home with them to help, I am also going to be running my business at the same time.

    Can anyone offer pros/cons as to using T4L in a situation such as mine? I see so many posters talk about their kids with special needs or their gifted children. Mine are just pretty much your average kids.

    I have also looked at Switched on Schoolhouse, but was taken aback at the negative reviews I found. T4L seemed to have much more positive reviews.

    I know my girls will work hard to get good grades, whether they are for me or for a school teacher. I just want to make sure they are getting a good education. Basically, I don't want to mess them up by making the wrong decision
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    Time4Learning is a great way for you to start. But, to offer my reaction to your question, I would focus more on the children's overall education and not worry about computer fluency. There are plenty of opportunities for them to learn to use computers without needing you to jump to a computer-based program.

    With that said, computers are a fantastic way to learn and I think that's the real rationale for this approach. The interactive curricula are more interesting and stimulating that workbooks. Time4Learning is a smooth way to get started, there is NO need for the parent to do lesson planning or grading but, if you want to supplement, there are oodles of ideas and possibilities. There are even teaching guides which give you all sorts of ideas. It's my favorite homeschool curriculum.

    Time4Learning is easy to try. I would recommend putting your children on it for a week and see how it feels. You will find that no one curriculum fulfills your vision of a complete education. My children are younger but I supplement Time4Learning language arts with a reading program (we visit the library weekly), writing (we journal, blog, and I'm trying an online writing course this year), handwriting (for your kids, it's probably time for a typing course), and some group stuff in which they get to do some public speaking before their parents.

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    Hi, I also am a homeschool mom of three normal and average girls! I have homeschooled since day 1 and have always used boxed curriculum. recently the workbooks and textbooks became overwhelming and through weeks of searching every homeschool site I could find I came across time4learning. My girls are now almost workbook and textbook free. I find this site to be very challenging and thorough! My girls love going on and completing their assignments at their own pace (in their pajamas) they are usually done by noon! no time wasted! no exhaustion! no homework! plenty of time to persue other interests like piano and swimming etc. So, stick with it, I can't think of any cons to homeschooling or time4learning!

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    I'm the mom of several normal kids. Because dh and I are in ministry, my time for teaching my children is more limited. Time4Learning has really helped. We use it for both math and language arts. My kids, who are starting 5th, 2nd, and 1st, enjoy it more than the curriculum we had been using, and learning is definitely taking place in our home. My 5th and 2nd graders find it very motivating, and work very independently. My 1st grader likes it and is learning well, but we do have to sit with him for a lot of the lessons.

    Anyway, Time4Learning has freed up some time for us to do other things that need to be done. I like that it's already laid out, I no longer have to teach all the subjects in our homeschool, and the children are becoming more independent learners. It's certainly worth trying.


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