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    I am quite confused on what to do. I have found this curriculum after finding another. They both have great qualities but until I try them I feel I wont know what is best for my son. I was just wondering if anyone could explain more about time4learning. Like has it helped their child and if they do other things to go along with this curriculum? I probably have many more questions as well. So if there is anyone who has used time4learning for awhile who could help another parent out on what choices to make for home school options. Thanks Christine

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    Christine, we have used Time4Learning since 2006. I have six kids, so we've used just about every subject and grade level.

    We have also used a variety of other curriculum.

    Some of the reasons we prefer Time4Learning are that the kids LOVE the lessons (when compared to boring textbooks), I do not have to grade a bunch of workbooks at the end of each day, we do not have papers and books strewn all over the house, and it WORKS! My fourth child just started college this year. They have all been ready for college at age 16.

    I appreciate the flexibility of Time4Learning compared to other online programs. Kids can work at a different level for each subject, and can even skip back and forth between levels. There is no required amount of work to do. We can repeat lessons they don't understand, or skip lessons that aren't relevant to a particular child.

    It doesn't take very long. We add arts and crafts, music lessons, organized sports, 4H, Scouts, etc.

    Hope this helps. We have been spoiled on Time4Learning!
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    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hello, Undecided.

    We've been using Time4Learning for several years now. Since starting with Time4Learning, my daughter actually enjoys learning, because the lessons are engaging. I never have to fuss with her to do school. I like that Time4Learning gives us the flexibility to choose a different grade level for each subject, because my daughter is not in the same grade level across the board on all subjects. We also have access to 3 grade levels per subject. And the parents can make these changes from the Parent Admin page. We don't have to call T4L every time we need to make a change. However, the times that I have needed to call them, they have been very friendly and helpful. I also appreciate the Progress Reports which help me to assess her progress at a quick glance. The printable reports can be sorted according to subject, tests scores only, only certain dates, etc., which makes record-keeping easier.

    Each year we supplement with different things. We've done a co-op for art and for music. This year it's drama club 2x/month, a book club 1x/month and a homeschool P.E. group 1x/wk. We go on at least 2 or 3 field trips a month and to the library once a week. We read a lot, fiction and non-fiction. Copy work and dictation, which helps with grammar and spelling.

    I hope this helps. Best way to find out, though, is to try T4L. It's a month-to-month subscription. For us, that was worth trying...and I'm so glad we did!

    Best wishes to you in your homeschooling journey.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
    blogging our homeschool experiences at The Learning Hourglass

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    I've been using Time 4 Learning for a little over a month now. I'm using it as my core curriculum right now. I also supplement it with other things. For example, in the Social Studies for third grade, my daughter is currently learning about the Vikings. Well, I found a great Viking's booklet to go along with the lesson. So once my daughter completes the lesson on Time 4 Learning about Vikings, the following week we won't do any Time 4 Learning for social studies. Instead, she'll do the packet on the Vikings to reinforce what she learned on Time 4 Learning and also as a way for me to determine that learning has indeed taken place. I also let her read books related to the Vikings. Her required reading is short biography on Leif Erikson with a worksheet to go along with it. Of course, all the worksheets I'm using are free (cause homeschooling on a budget).

    I like Time 4 Learning because it has a lesson plan and can generate reports for attendance and grades. I love how affordable it is. I think it's really simple to use. My daughter likes it. She loves going to the playground area.

    Honestly, the only way to know if Time 4 Learning is right for you is to try it. Just to highlight a few things I do enjoy about the curriculum: it is affordable, it's convenient, and my daughter seems to enjoy it. I do supplement the lessons with other things. She has required reading, journal writing, Time 4 Learning, and extra worksheets related to the current lessons. Health is done on Fridays. PE is her time spent outside running, playing, bicycling, and climbing.

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    I have homeschooled for many years. My oldest is a senior in college this year, and my youngest is in 6th grade. I was having trouble getting my youngest to focus and get excited about learning...I found this option and decided to try it bc it is only 20 dollars or so a month. Keeping in mind this is only day two--I am AMAZED by her response! First, she is excited about it. She likes the lessons and has been taking notes on stickies. We finally had to take a break and go get notebooks for all of her subjects--she insisted on it! She has actually worked for hours today and is SMILING about it! I know I have a trial period of 14 days, but I anticipate keeping with the program if it continues like this. I am really excited about it--that is my opinion.
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    Hello Christine,

    Let me first explain that I am a parent of two kids, and have been homeschooling them since November 2012. My daughter is currently 10 and in 5th grade, and my son is 13 with autism and is in the 6th grade (we started him in public school as late as we could because there was no way he was ready).

    First off, I would recommend trying out both programs first. I cannot speak for the other curriculum you have found, but T4L (Time4Learning) has a 14 day free trial, which is what we did when were getting ready to pull our kids out of public school. 14 days should give you a feel for how the program works, and you can sit down with your son and try everything out and discover what feels like would work best for him.

    Pretty much the main reason we chose to use T4L for our children was because of what our daughter told us. The first day we had the free trial for T4L our daughter sat down and started a program and said,"Hey, we do this at school every day!" It just so happens that the school district we live in base their curriculum off of T4L. Every day the students go to the computer lab for roughly a half hour to an hour and complete one of their programs. I looked into their spelling lists and the spelling words per grade provided by T4L to discover they were the same. I asked my daughter what books they were reading as a class, to come to find out it was the same book that was part of the unit in T4L they were working on. I'd say about 80% of their classroom education came solely from T4L. Discovering this, we thought, "Well shoot, they are using this in their school already, it must be worthy to use for the home too."

    You didn't mention how old your son was. One thing with T4L is you can easily move them up and down grade level with the different subjects. So, for example, if your son is advanced in Science but struggles with Math, you can have him up a grade in Science and behind a grade in Math if that is needed. T4L provides Language Arts, LA Extensions (more in depth Language Arts), Math, Science and Social Studies. If your child is at high school level, the material provided at high school level is different. I don't have any kids at high school level yet so I cannot go into details on that yet.

    With the membership, there is a Parents Resources section when you log in as a parent. This section includes spelling words per grade, Language Arts reading list (books that go along with the unit, some books if they are smaller are included in the unit, or just excerpts. You can get by without the books if you wish, that's what I usually do), science supply list (there are alot of science experiments you can do with your child in the science sections, and this list tells you ahead of time what you will need to perform the experiments. If you cannot do them, it's okay, usually after it tells you how to perform the experiment it will explain what you should have witnessed. If we cannot complete one, I usually try looking on youtube for a video of someone else doing the experiment so my child can atleast see what was to happen.)

    With the younger grades, the activities tend to be more flashy, interactive and younger pleasing activities while yet learning. As they get older, this becomes less and less. I think they did a great job with this part of things.

    I use T4L with both of my kids to different degrees. It does help my children, but I do not hesitate using other things outside of T4L to further their education. Here is a small list of things I have used.

    JumpStart Games Fun Games for Kids | Free 3D Games Online | JumpStart : I used these when even I was young, and I can admit that Jumpstart did teach me how to tell time. Asides from that, it helped to further help me to remember the things I've learned. Because of this, I eagerly used Jumpstart on my kids as well. It is a very fun, educational program to use. I did, however, use this as more of a reward and had them use it on Fridays. Now that they are slightly older, they have no real interest in the older versions of Jumpstart, but that is okay by me. If nothing else, Jumpstart does provide a free MMO, but of course having a membership will probably do more. My kids have tried it out for free but I have no idea how well it works.

    Khan Academy https://www.khanacademy.org/ : I have been using this since last year, originally with my daughter and this year with my son. If your child at all struggles with Math, or learns better with verbal instructions then this would be a great thing to look into. It is completely free, and as a parent you can set up an account for your child that you will see as your student. You can set tasks for them to accomplish, and see their progress as they advance in math. I used it last year with my daughter for fractions. My daughter was struggling to comprehend fractions, and between T4L and myself trying to teach her she was just lost. I tried Khan Academy, and she now understands it. I still used T4L for the other math subjects, but used Khan Academy to push her through the fractions struggle. This year I have my son use Khan Academy for basic math. With his autism, he takes one step forward and two steps back in learning things, and over the summer I noticed he was having trouble with mental math when he used to be quick at it. I am using Khan Academy to refresh his mind and to make sure he doesn't lose any of the basic math skills he's learned.

    WorksheetWorks WorksheetWorks.com : I use this site so often to make worksheets for both of my kids. It's free, the worksheets are pretty customizable, and has a good amount of choices. I have used it for math, language arts, and handwriting worksheets. If you have a printer, I would recommend looking into what they offer.

    Math Aids http://www.math-aids.com/ : This one is a newly discovered website for myself. I use this for any math worksheets I would like to generate that cannot be done through WorksheetWorks. I prefer WorksheetWorks because there is more customization available, but like I said if there is a math topic that site doesn't have then I use Math Aids.

    K12 Reader http://www.k12reader.com/ : I found this site over this past summer and am using their spelling words for my daughter instead of the one provided on T4L (words are more of a challenge). I also am using their Reading Comprehension worksheets as part of my daughters weekend homework.

    FreeTypingGame http://www.freetypinggame.net/default.asp : In this day and age, the ability to type quickly and adequately is more and more necessary. Even though my children are younger, I am already prepping them to type correctly. I use this to both teach and quiz them on their wpm and errors.

    Timez Attack http://www.bigbrainz.com/ : This program teaches through repitition addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There is both a free version and a 'delux' version. I only ever had my children try out the free version to see if it would help them at all. It did for my daughter, my son needed a little more one on one though so we didn't use it often.

    Minecraft Homeschool http://minecrafthomeschool.com/ : Over the summer I found this site, and my daughter wanted to try it out. After reading it over and looking into things, I felt it would be a great extra-curricular program for her to use. Both of my children love minecraft, and seeing this as a great way to implement something they love with something to learn, I decided to give it a go. I let my daughter pick a class (she chose a class learning about poverty and economics from it). At first we were confused, but after quick replies from the teachers we understood how to complete things. Her semester has ended, and she has enjoyed it, and the only reason I have not given her a choice to re-enroll in another semester is because she is starting to struggle with the new math she is learning, and I want to focus our attention on the new stuff.

    TV Shows: Bill Nye, Magic School Bus, and Beakman's World all cover science topics. I have used these shows to help further my kids science education. For almost every single T4L Science section for the 4th grade I was able to find a Bill Nye video that went into everything that was learned within that section, which meant every time we had science we also watched Bill Nye The Science Guy.

    Other Resources: I also do a lot of my own things, here is a list of the things I do on my on.

    Art - Every other week starting monday we have an art project. This week we had art, and since halloween is coming up we carved and decorated pumpkins. Last time we had art we made halloween decorations out of construction paper and foam (bats, pumpkins, sillhouettes, etc).

    Music - We recently perchased a new piano and some beginner piano books to learn to play music. My daughter has always had an interest in playing the piano and we finally have a decent piano to work with. I have also been showing her movies and artists for music appreciation, as well as going over music theory with her.

    History - We use both T4L and my husband for history. My husband is such a history buff that whatever section we are on he also goes more thoroughly into everything with our kids.

    Geography - Printed off blank USA maps and over the course of the school year last year learned all the states and their capitals. The first 9 weeks of this year we went over them again, this time also focusing on their correct spelling as well as their abbreviations. Now that the first 9 weeks are over, I have given my daughter a choice of what continent she wants to learn (she chose Asia). So far we are learning the countries and their capitals, and afterwards I will have her choose a country and make a report over it. I have no real plan with how long I will let this go, but we will eventually over this school year and probably the next go over a little bit of all of the continents.

    Handwriting - Cursive is not taught in our school district, but to me it is an important skill to have (or at least be able to read cursive in my sons case). My daughter is able to write all the letters, and as we learn Geography (and sometimes on other worksheets I give her) I require her to fill it out in cursive. My son is still slowly learning cursive (with his autism, it is hard for him to use the pencil to make the cursive letters), but he is able to correctly write his first and middle name (both being four letters long). His last name he has not accomplished yet (Robinson), and we are slowly learning how to write that in cursive as well.

    Creative Writing - Once a week for a half hour minimum both of my kids are require to write (or be creative.. this isn't so much to be a graded project but to let their creative story telling abilities shine). My son will usually write without a prompt, and for my daughter I do give her a prompt and I write along with her aswell.

    Worksheets - For my son, twice a week, I give him worksheets I have made myself to test his language arts or reading comprehension abilities using things he loves as the topic. For example, this week both worksheets are a short story over a kids first halloween. His first worksheet was for him to write out the correct verb tense for certain sentences, and the second worksheet has the same story but tests his reading comprehension.

    Worksheets Cont. - For my both of my kids, I make quarterly quizes so that I can see for sure what they have truly learned, and what they haven't. Also, for my daughter I sometimes made math worksheets for her, but of late I have just been using the worksheets provided on T4L.

    Minecraft - I have used minecraft for multiplication tests with my kids. Unless you understand minecraft this will not be of any help for you. Essentially I created a room where on the wall were signs that gave a multiplication problem, and below them was a colored wool (pink for my daughter, blue for my son) where they would put their sign and write out the answer. When they were done, I would place a button on the wall that attached to redstone and pistons that, upon pressing the button, would remove a section of wall under each problem and showed a sign with the correct answer. Was difficult to officially make, but was worth it. My son had never been so eager to have a math test.

    Gym - My daughter is pretty active, if anything she needs to learn how to sit lol. We do, however, do different things every week, and almost nightly my son has to have his 'dance party' where he plays music and dances in his room for an hour. My daughter is active doing many things.

    Health - Both me and my husband teach our children about health. There is no real set schedual for this, but pretty much every other week we sit down with them and either explain something new or rehash something we've already gone over with them (mainly puberty time right now for our daughter for example).

    Reading - Twice a week my son is required to read a chapter from a book (he tends to read every day however). My daughter reads every night, and one day a week we read together from a book (we just finished So You Want To Be A Wizard, and we will be starting the next book this week). Two times this year we will be having book reports, and at least once we will be doing a biography over someone.

    Science - Asides from T4L and the TV shows mentioned above I have a few science projects for us to do that we will be doing together (the mentos fountain and explaining why it happens for one example), and we will be doing a science fair project this year. ( http://www.super-science-fair-projec...r-contest.html )

    I am sure there is more to this list but I cannot think of them at this present time. I hope this helps you out!
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    Wow! You sound like you really dedicate so much of your time to your kids' educations. Kudos to you and thanks for the awesome ideas. As a new homeschooling mom, I appreciated your post.

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