Using Time4Learning in the Home Setting
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    Default Using Time4Learning in the Home Setting

    I'm looking for any and all feedback on how effective using Time4Learning program on a child with orthographic dyslexia....but gifted visual spatial learner. We have not been successful in obtaining the necessary supports/accommodations within the PSS, so looking for other affordable avenues to provide the academic support and found this program during some recent researching on the Internet. Her disability impacts: spelling, fluency, reading comprehension, handwriting, written expression and math word computation. Thanks!!!

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    It sounds like with any program you use you will be reading aloud a lot. You can certainly use reading software, but that software isn't going to be able to look at your child and tell whether or not she understood the material. You will know to stop periodically and have her narrate back what you have read. So with T4L and a dyslexic, I would use sit with them and read the material aloud. For science and social studies I would print out the information. Then, I would teach her how to search for the answers and allow her to use the print outs for the quizzes. With the math I would add manipulatives and teach the lessons alongside the lesson on the screen. In LA and LAx I would tread lightly and view it as exposure. In fact, I would consider doing it aloud with her at whatever level she can follow along and would stop for the day whenever she became frustrated or doesn’t comprehend. Also, viewing it as exposure, I may not even count it toward her LA grade.

    After reading aloud, some of the things that worked with my dyslexic son were books on audio, Handwriting without Tears, and Orton-Gillingham based phonics/spelling. In middle school we started studying poetry and poets with a weekly tea-time poetry. I used this time to introduce and review literary terms. We worked on everything else and didn't do much in the way of formal composition until junior high when we began Institute for Excellence in Writing. IEW gives very clear objectives and my son liked Andrew Pudewa.

    In high school he used Math-U-See and I wished that I had used it with him sooner. It is very concrete and my son really liked Steve Demme. After he used MUS through Alg2, he used some Teaching Teachbooks Alg2 and a basic Pre-cal college text. He had no problem making a B in College Algebra at the community college his senior year.

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