Where do I start him at?
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    Default Where do I start him at?

    This is my first year homeschooling my son...He is currently in special ed 3rd grade at school...When he had testing done they said he is at kindergarten 8 months level...He is 9 years old and does struggle a lot with reading...Math is not so hard as long as he has something to help him add or subtract with(like crayons,qtips,or pennies)...I'm not sure where to start him at on here...My mother in law that has home schooled for many years told me she would start him out at kindergarten and move him up as needed...

    Is there any testing on the site that I can do with him to see where he needs to be?
    If I start him out at kindergarten can I move up to the next grade at anytime?
    If he is struggling in one subject and not the other can I do different grade levels for different subjects?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Hi, angel. He can work at a different grade level for each subject. You can even navigate back and forth between grade levels. You can adjust grade levels at any time within your parent login. There's no extra charge for this and you can do it as often as you need to.

    As far as placement tests, we have found the trial-and-error method to work better. Some parents look at the scope and sequence and start their child a little below where they "think" they are working. Then, they have the student take each chapter test BEFORE doing the lessons in the chapter. If they do well on the test, they do not do the lessons in that chapter. They move on and try the chapter test at the end of the NEXT chapter. If they do not do well on the test, they do the lessons and try the test again. In this way, the student is only studying material they have not yet learned and can usually proceed more quickly.

    I've found the above method works better with older children.

    Here are some general placement guidelines, based on my experience with my own kids:

    Language Arts - Preschool mentions that the letters each have their own sound, talks about the library, reads some great books aloud to the student and sometimes asks some simple questions about the book afterwards. If you use the kindergarten level, you will have easy access to the preschool level right from your dashboard, and I might suggest some of the preschool books for almost any child who struggles to read. Kindergarten begins teaching the sound of individual letters. The phonics instruction is very thorough. The first grade level reviews single letter sounds and adds some blends, like th, sh, br. The second grade level has more review and adds "fluency" lessons, which actually time your students' reading.

    Math - Preschool focuses on patterning and very simple counting skills. Kindergarten does a lot of measuring and patterning, but also counting and very simple addition. There's a big jump in skills between kindergarten math and first grade math. I usually recommend that students know how to count to 100, and understand quantity before tackling first grade math.

    I hope this helps! I have a ten-year-old son with significant special needs, and he has used the preschool and kindergarten levels here for quite some time.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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