Where to start on online learning?
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    Default Where to start on online learning?

    I have a son who's is currently on his 7th grade in school in my local public school district. It's getting hard for him to go to school & my only option is to enroll him in an online school program. I called Time4Learning today & was told to call first the Illinois State Board of Education so I called & was flatly told by staff there that the Illinois State Board of Education doesn't recognized online school program. Is this true? What's steps do I take?

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    Hi, Ralphort.

    Let me give you a couple of links. One is for the Time4Learning, and the other is the Time4Learning Illinois Homeschool Forum. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, so that is not in question. The school board usually will not be able to help you. We live in Florida, and when I call our school board, I ask for the homeschool department. Even then, though, I've been misinformed. The school board staff often are not familiar with homeschool laws. You would personally need to educate yourself on the Illinois homeschool laws. HSLDA: Homeschooling Advocates since 1983 http://a2zhomeschooling.com/laws/uni...e_school_laws/
    Those 2 sites should help you with that. And if you have further questions, I would contact HSLDA, which is one of the two sites I provided above. That's the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

    You could also contact a local homeschool support group. Simply Google Homeschool Support Group in Illinois (or the county you're in).

    As for using Time4Learning as your homeschool program, it should not be a problem. You should be able to select any homeschool curriculum of your preference. Again, see your state laws. I know of no state that doesn't allow you to choose.
    Disclaimer: Please do not consider this legal advice.

    I hope this helps.
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
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