Why do we have to go throught the same story 4 times
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    Default Why do we have to go throught the same story 4 times

    In Language Arts?

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    I am not sure what level you are on or what specific lesson your on, but in general, I would imagine you are going through the story 4 times, in different ways, to get you to remember...to review and reinforce it in your memory.

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    You've probably already figured out what works best for your child in regard to the story being offered 4 times in 4 different ways. I've only just begun with T4L, however we have used Compass Odyssey before and other language arts programs that use similar methods. Since these are week long thematic units using short stories, depending on the child's reading level, one option woud be to begin the unit by reading the story to the child and then progress daily through each level that the story is offered and celebrate the child reading the story on their own on the fifth day. This may bore some more advanced readers, which is the beauty of homeschooling; we have the flexibility to customize any curriculum to what will work best for our child. Some children have their phonics mastered but may benefit from having a story read to them to help them develop the rhythm of reading and reading comprehension.

    Just my thoughts, Diana

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    Hi - In your welcome email, we reviewed how to best use the four possibilities of the four versions of the story for learning to read.

    This is also under the hints section which is accessible from the member login page, under the question mark after logging in, or in the faqs section (coming soon).

    Language Arts - Story Formats

    In language arts, inside the story section, there is generally:
    A background activity
    A story which can be presented in up to four different formats:
    Read To me - The story is read to you.
    Read Along - The story is read to you with the text highlighted so you can easily follow along. Afterwards, vocabulary words are highlighted for easy repetition and some definitions.
    I can Read The story is not read. Any of the words can be clicked on to hear them read. Vocabulary words are highlighted for easy repetition and with definitions.
    Read by Myself - The story is not read. Vocabulary words are highlighted for easy repetition and with definitions.

    A reading comprehension exercise
    A unit quiz is often included.
    Pick the formats that work best for you or mix them for reinforcement. Most families do each story twice using "Reading Along" and "I Can Read". The four different formats.

    I hope this helps.

    Also, I strongly recommend that all parents take a few minutes to review our hints section
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