Will this work with a 15 yo with a low IQ?
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    Default Will this work with a 15 yo with a low IQ?

    I have a 15 year old with low IQ. She is not able to think logically, reads at about a 3-4 grade level and does math at a grade 2-3 level. The problem is that she is "with it" enough to know she is under-performing and thinks things like T4L are too babyish.

    When I introduce new concepts (we home school), she becomes angry and oppositional. I need to find a way to help her eliminate points of conflict with me, so I am trying to find a computer-based learning program where she can work on her own as much as possible. I am teaching 5 other siblings, so I cannot sit beside her at the computer for long periods of time.

    Do you thing T4L might work for her?????? I am desperate.


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    Hi Kathleen,

    My DD (14) didn't want to even try T4L when we began just over 2 years ago. I finally made her try and she LOVED it. Keep in mind that she HATES school, has dyslexia, CAPD, ADHD, dysgraphia... She is below level in most subjects except for Language.

    She liked the humor and the fact that she was able to work independently. I did not have her work every subject every day. I set up a schedule for her to follow: Monday--Language Ext., Science, Math Tuesday--Math, Language Arts, History Wednesday--Art, Math, Science Thursday--Language Ext., History, Math Friday--Language Arts, Science, Math. She had to complete one lesson within each subject. Sometimes she completed more than one if she was into the lesson.

    What level do you have her working on? Are you aware you can go up or down a level within each subject? Do any of your other kids use T4L? If one of your other kids uses T4L and is at one of the grade levels your daughter is on, perhaps she could "help" them with their lessons and she would also be helping herself learn at the same time, plus she might feel more grown up if you approach it from the standpoint that you need her to help you school the other kids occasionally. Also, have you tried our sister site, Vocabulary and Spelling City? There are great educational games she could play and still be learning.

    Not sure I was able to offer much help, but maybe someone else will have good ideas for you.
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