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    Default Worried

    HI I am a mother of five ages, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 12. I really would like to homeschool them and have considered it for the last two years. My family has not been supportive at all, but I know some friends that are and have encouraged me. My worry is I will not be able to teach them properly. I'm afraid of failing them :/ Also wondering if anyone has the age difference that I do and homeschool their kiddos. How would that work? Sorry I want to do what is best for my kids and I'm not sure the public school systems are what they used to be when I was younger. Any help would be great!

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    I see a lot of views, but no reply to your post. I think the problem with answering a question like yours is that homeschooling is so unique to each family and situation. There is no one answer.

    We are just finishing up our first year of homeschool after having pulled them out of the public school. We loved our public school and they had done a wonderful job. We had just hit a couple of snags that we were convinced could be addressed better in a homeschool situation.

    One thing I am absolutely certain of - homeschooling is a HUGE undertaking. It can be life-changing. My husband and I had talked about homeschooling for years, but it wasn't until we were both absolutely certain that it was time and that we were "called" to it that we made the jump. I am so grateful for that certainty! Without it, I would have quit many times over this year.

    Only you can make this decision and it has to be based on much investigation. Not all public schools are bad. Like I said, our elementary school was wonderful. The middle school where my daughter attended for a year was another story. Check into the school. Talk to other parents whose children attend there. Investigate WHY you want to homeschool and then be RESOLVED. A pure, strong desire to educate your children in the best way for them can be a great motivator to weather the storms - whatever they may be.

    Time4Learning is a GREAT resource. It addresses the different age levels of your kids and will help guide you in the right direction. You can use the activity planner to enter your start and ending dates for your school year and it will give you a plan for the year for each child of what activities to do each week to cover all the material. It eliminates the guesswork. You can be confident that your children will be learning what they need to for their grade level over the course of the year. You can place your kids where they need to be and then add other resources or practice as needed. Time4Learning has reports that you can print each week (or even view daily) to see your children's scores and at what percentage they are performing at. You also have access to grade levels above and below so that if your needs review or can move ahead, there is the freedom to do that.

    Hope this helps a little with your decision. Again, it is difficult to answer questions like yours because no two homeschool families are alike, no two children are alike, and there is no one answer to any of it! Once you are resolved to homeschool, you just jump into the ocean of styles, resources, schedules, etc. and begin to swim. As you swim, you will get the hang of it and discover what works best for your family.

    I still struggle with doubts and wonder if I am "failing" my children, but then I will have a moment like the other day when my son whispers, "Thank you for teaching me the difference between their, there, and they're!". I also treasure the times when my daughter and I can go over a lesson as many times as she needs to "get it" and we don't have to worry about the "class" moving on without her. And in what school can you snuggle in a blanket and rub your child's back while you go over a tough math concept until they get it? Nothing about that leaves a bad impression on your child.

    Best wishes to you as you decide!
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    Ruby gave you excellent advice! Thanks, Ruby.

    I would say that your 2 & 3 year old don't need any time of formal schooling in my opinion. Life teaches much and they will also learn tons from the older ones. You can teach many subjects to the other three at the same time and just vary the comprehension and activities. T4L gives each student access to three grade levels, so for example, the child in 4th grade has access to grades 3, 4, and 5 within each subject. This is great when a child is ahead in one subject and maybe behind in another. It is also great for a child who also needs extra work (the year behind).

    Try downloading the free homeschooling guide e-book located at the top right hand side of this page. It has lots of good info without being overwhelming.

    Best wishes and keep us informed.

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    Hi, I'm in my first 'real' year of homeschooling and the fact that you have such worries, in my opinion, is wonderful. It shows you truly care and want the absolute best for your children. I feel like I know little to nothing about this subject as my child is just entering the first grade. I chose (for Kindergarten) a curriculum that my church uses and I ended up sitting in the floor crying my eyes out for several weeks because it was so overwhelming. Finally, after listening to a friend of mine who also home schools her child, I started to relax a little. Because, she was correct...in my case, I could teach my daughter ALL DAY and was teaching her...when I took her to the grocery store, when I cooked, etc...I was teaching her how to interact with people (the social skills everyone will tell you that your children will miss out on..NOT!!), I was teaching her math (picking up 2 of something off the shelf for me), etc. Again, I don't feel like I have much to offer other than to confirm to you that you are having NORMAL feelings and that your kids must be very blessed to have a Mom that loves them enough to take on this endeavor. As for support, I felt so let down by MANY people too. When my daughter went with me to an appointment, people would inquire about school. When she replied that she was homeschooled, they (not all of them, but MANY) almost looked like I was an unfit parent or that she was being mistreated. So, if your heart tells you to homeschool your kids, DO IT. Yes, it's hard; it's frustrating; but, from what I hear, you sort of get into your own family's groove. Set ground rules and schedules....that work for YOUR family. And try to have fun. (my initial mistake). These are your kids. You love them more than anyone in a public school could. Poo to the people that don't support you! There will always be negative people.

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    Hi and welcome! I have a family of 8 and have home schooled my kids from 3rd grade. It seems very scary at first swimming through the new waters. And I compare it to swimming as sometimes it feels like smooth sailing and sometimes big waves knock you back and you can tread through some rough waters now and then. What kept me going was my horrible experiences with Public Schools and I constantly reminded myself of why I was doing this.

    Don't worry that you can't teach right. When you decide to take the swim in these waters you will find there are infinite resources to help you teach. Time4learning is a really great start! I have home schooled 6 of my kids using this program and it is invaluable. Children all learn differently and I find that T4L utilizes images, audio as well as reading. So it works well no matter what type of learner you may have. 3 of my children are Autistic and work below grade level. But they have the option here that if they struggle or fail a test, they can repeat it until they learn the material.

    I would start your 2 and 3 year old on some pre-school learning games. Their are Gazillions of these free games on the web. Go to lots of home school sites and forums and you will find tons of free stuff. This will get your toddlers accustomed to using a computer and learning to focus and stay on task. Keep these sessions in short intervalls as they have short attention spans. Use lots of programs for phonics so they learn letters and sounds. You can also try the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for some inexpensive software like Click and spell or click and read. These programs will prepare them for Time4learning.

    Start your 6,9, and 12 year old on Time4learning at their present grade level. if they struggle with a subject you can reduce the grade level for that subject. Reward them with with playground time so they get periodic breaks. Make it fun for them and yourself. For example; When my kids were studying Space in Science we watched for deals at the Kennedy Space Center and took the kids for a day. They had a blast and learned a heck of a lot! If you find a local Homeschool support group, their are lots of field trips you can get at a discount. It also gives your children a chance to meet up and socialize with other children.

    Teaching comes in many forms. Take a day and do a cooking class! Kids love to cook and eat what they made. Or have a gardening class and they will learn about plants and science! Have fun and enjoy the strong bond you will have time to nurture with your kids.

    Homeschooling takes time and patience, but it comes with many rewards. Take vacation with the family during cheaper times of the year since you are not restricted to Spring and Fall break when costs are sky high. Teach in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in hand. Sleep later and think about how you would be frantically scurrying around to get your kids ready for that very early school bus if you didn't home school. Consider what better relations you will have with your neighbors when all 4 of your children are not coming to their door 5 times a year doing school fundraisers. Think about all those meetings at the school you won't HAVE to attend. Think about how your children will have the opportunity to actually LEARN math rather than be rushed into pre-Algebra by third grade.

    You will have days when you ask yourself, "Whatever possessed me to decide to Home School?" But those times will come and go and you will reflect on exactly why you made this decision and all will be right with the world again. Good luck in this new and uncharted territory....it will be an adventure.

    Last but not least......these are YOUR children. Do not get into it with family over this topic. E-mail them some statistics on home school kids and how much better they do Academically as opposed to public school. Let them watch and see how your children flourish. If they still aren't with you then just agree to disagree and let it be known you would rather not discuss the topic as to avoid the conflicts.

    Again....Good Luck!

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