Would this program work for a hearing child entering 1st grade with deaf parents?
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    Default Would this program work for a hearing child entering 1st grade with deaf parents?

    I am seeking information for a dear family. Both parents are deaf (father can hear some- mostly lip reading)- Mom cannot hear at all. The child will be entering 1st grade after attending Kindergarten at the public school. They desire to homeschool.
    Would this curriculum work for this child? How much interaction is needed from the parents- as far as "hearing it" would be concerned? Both parents can read and highly educated.
    Thanks for any help and input.
    I contacted customer service and can only get a generic response-not specific to the situation.

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    I think it would depend on how much help the child needs. Some children can go through the program almost independently. Others need someone to sit by their side to answer questions. MANY children at the first grade level need much direction, regardless of the program being used.

    At the first grade level, there are some excellent teaching guides that give the parent an overview of what is being taught. A transcript of the lessons would be ideal, but I don't think that exists.

    If the parents can communicate well with their daughter, I think I might suggest a program where THEY are actively teaching her. That way, they would always know what she was studying, and how to help her.

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