Would it work in this situation?
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Thread: Would it work in this situation?

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    Default Would it work in this situation?

    I am thinking about using T4L to homeschooling my 5th grader , who has autism but is above grade level in reading and sometimes struggles with math. I am at work during t h e day. My husband is home, but disabled and wouldn't be able to help him with the lessons. So, could my son do a lot of the lessons (at least for language arts, science and social studies] independently (I could check remotely from work to review how he's doing)? And then when I get home, help him with the math lessons and help him redo any lessons he may have had trouble with?
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    I did this type of thing for many years. I'm not saying it was easy, but it can be done. My children's father worked night shift and slept during the day. I worked several days a week and left them home with their lesson assignments and their sleeping father. It was really important for me to check on their progress AT LEAST every day . . . otherwise, some of them would try to slide. One important place to check on their reports is the time spent on each activity. I once found that one child has spent FOUR SECONDS logged in to a social studies activity. I was really not convinced he had done all twelve "online pages" of that lesson in four seconds.
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    I understand your unique situation. I cannot answer to the autism question, exactly, but my eldest grandson almost 17 in Dec. best friend in public school until recently is autistic also. Shane and he were taking same classes for 3 years together. I can tell you this. My Shane was so looking forward to returning to T4L ,he could hardly stand it. Whether I am sitting next to him or in the kitchen I will hear him laughing along with Jack Riley in Language Arts. These programs do hold their interest. I have 3 grandsons who will never pass a state test in school, or graduate with a regular diploma but this program helps them learn. I believe your son will be entertain and be moved to participate. I think you have a good idea. I know it will be hard but I know from first hand experience as an unhealthy grandmother this works for us. The record keeping is wonderful as in the other reply, looking at the time spent on a lesson will help you so much. Take care.

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