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    Default Writing Odyssey

    What is the writing odessey? It appeared to be able to be opened today on my son's page. Is there an assignment that is to be posted on there?

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    Jenny, Time4learning Guest

    Default Odyssey writer

    Time4Learning does not provide any grading service for the writing assignments. We are considering offering it as an added service but of course, if we do, it would involve additional cost to the parents. Would you be interested?

    We are also thinking of adding an intensive 7 week writing course for $99. Would you be interested?

    For a parent to assess a student's writings in Odyssey Writer:

    - login as the child

    - go to and click on the completed exercise

    - close the instructions window (if it is on top)

    - go to the file menu, pick open

    - select the saved file to be assessed

    - click on the Open button (you might have to scroll down the page to see it)

    - Once the writing exercise appears, read it

    - Click on the check mark button which is a guide for SELF-Assessment

    - follow the instructions

    I know it seems odd that the parents login does not allow parents to review and assess the students writing. This is one of many minor issues with CompassLearning that we are reviewing.

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