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    We;re trying to decide whether to do the art program. We would like to know more specifically what the curriculum includes. I have read everything I can find, but still have no answers. Can I log in as my student and look around, or does that count toward the 6 months free? She loves all the curriculum and activities in T4L and we will be continuing into the 4th grade with it. She wants to draw, but it appears there is quite a bit a time spent on theory and the masters. How many lessons actually involve drawing?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there! Each of the lessons involve actually creating. I pulled this directly from the Time4Art page:

    Sixteen lessons teach art theory, art history, and art techniques. Each lesson is comprised of three main parts: SAY art, SEE art, and DO art. During SAY art, students view an animated video that presents the lesson concept and then practice what they have learned in an open-ended online activity. SEE art introduces various artists and their work as examples of the concept being studied. DO art offers students an opportunity to create their own art, using offline media or a digital paint program.

    My son, who loves art, ended up doing most of his lessons twice because he wanted to create both with traditional paper and art materials, and with his Wacom tablet.

    I hope that helped!
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