Accelerated Reader Program/ Student access to assistance?
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    Default Accelerated Reader Program/ Student access to assistance?

    I have enrolled my 7th grader but am a little concerned about him not reading enough. Do I need to purchase any books? Is there an Accelerated Reader Program? He also told me that when he doesn't understand something that the program repeats the same thing all the time. Is there a way where he can contact someone directly? Or where he can receive assistance?

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    Hi. Time4Learning isn't a school. Time4Learning is a homeschool curriculum, so the parent is the teacher of record and provides any assistance the student needs with understand the online lessons.

    If a student answers incorrectly, additional feedback is often given, in wording slightly different than what was used the first time. All students need a teacher or tutor, as very few students understand everything taught in any educational setting without needing extra help now and then.

    The seventh grade language arts lessons are literature based, which means each lesson requires the student to read a selection from a literature book. These are provided online. Additionally, the seventh grade social studies curriculum requires the student to read each lesson. This is "enough" reading for most learners of this age although, of course, students are always encouraged to do as much free reading as they can.

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