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    Unlike Time4Learning, Time4Writing provides your child with a teacher who will grade and provide feedback on the student's writing assignments. Time4Writing is NOT correlated with the parent-graded writing assignments in Time4Learning. It is a completely separate "subject" that focuses on writing and grammar skills. There are Time4Writing courses for grades two through high school.

    Consider using one or more eight-week Time4Writing courses, alone or along with Time4Learning, if:

    ~Your student is having difficulty with grammar or writing
    ~You want another adult's opinion of your child's writing
    ~Your child would enjoy someone besides his parent's feedback on his writing
    ~Your student enjoys writing and needs more challenging writing assignments

    Each eight-week course costs $119. Your student will receive a certificate of completion and you can print all of their writing assignments, grades, and teacher feedback. Here is a list of Time4Writing courses that are currently available.
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