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    Is there a way I can fax proof that my child is enrolled into T4L to the previous school district in another state since home school is done differently in AZ then it is in CA they have her listed as a drop out, unless I have overlooked something on here that would give me that info any help would be appreciated! Thanks In Advance

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    Are you currently a resident of Arizona? If so, you need to file your intent to homeschool with your county's school superintendent. At that point, your child will be "enrolled" as a homeschooler, and you can get proof of this (sometimes called a Letter of Compliance) from the superintendent's office.

    Time4Learning is a curriculum, not a school, so your student isn't "enrolled" in Time4Learning, any more than he would be "enrolled" in his algebra textbook. The difference is sometimes difficult to grasp at first. At any rate, no one requiring proof that your child isn't a dropout should be concerned with what curriculum you are using. They should only be concerned about whether you are following the requirements to homeschool legally in your state, and the letter or form mentioned about fulfills that function.

    As a side note, if you choose to provide this information to your previous school, you are doing them a courtesy. They would like to know your child isn't a dropout, because it helps their statistics. You aren't required to provide them with this information.

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