Not every family celebrates Halloween, so I thought I would share some Halloween writing prompts AND some general autumn writing prompts that might spice up your studies this coming week.

Elementary Level
Halloween - Halloween is the perfect opportunity to practice book report writing. There are SO many great spooky and even not-so-spooky books to read independently, or aloud, and then summarize in book report format. Not sure how to handle book reports? Explore Time4Writing's Road Map to a Better Book Report.

Fall - Here's a brainstorming activity you can do on a large surface such as a whiteboard, on a sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, or even on a table, by cutting out patterns with papers. Draw or trace out a large tree. Then underneath, draw or trace out a variety of fallen leaves. Have your student state an opinion he or she has about something. The tree will represent the opinion (the main idea), so write the opinion on the tree. The leaves will represent the evidence to back up the opinion (the supporting details.) Before starting on the activity, watch this short video about using supporting details in writing.

Middle School Level
Halloween - Here's a fun way to get middle schoolers to practice their descriptive writing skills. Have them write a paragraph designed to get buyers to purchase a haunted house. They could even draw a picture of the house for their imaginary real estate listing. The more descriptive language they can use in their paragraph the better. Here are some tips on using descriptive language when writing.

Fall - Here's a story-starter idea for junior high level writers:
While watching a squirrel preparing for the winter by gathering items from around your backyard, you notice that instead of stashing them in a tree, she is lining them up in specific configurations along the grass. You walk to get a closer look at what the squirrel is up to and discover, to your great amazement, that the acorns and hazelnuts spell out a single word. "HELP"

High School Level
Halloween - Does your high schooler have a younger sibling, friend, or family member? Let them practice their understanding of the parts of speech by creating a Halloween-themed mad lib for that person.

Fall - This is a great time to practice cause-and-effect essays because so many things are transitioning in fall. Have your high schooler write about either the reasons leaves fall, the reason the days get shorter, the reason so many people are obsessed with football, or the reasons soup is such a favorite dish in the fall. Use this step-by-step guide to writing essays to help your student with the paper.