Hi I would love to get a little help
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Thread: Hi I would love to get a little help

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    Smile Hi I would love to get a little help

    Hello! I have a 14 yr old that is a little behind on school and would love to get some help in how to speed up or map out the process to get her up to date on school so she can start school with the others next yr. Thank you

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    Hey, Nicole-

    You posted this in the T4W forum which is for discussion about using T4W. You would probably receive more responses if you were to post this in the Home School Families forum.

    Also, without knowing how far behind and why, I can only offer obvious statements. Skip or test out of things she knows. Do more lessons each week than are required to finish a subject in a year. Between those two she should move along. If she is only a little behind, this should get her caught up pretty quickly. If she is more than one whole grade level behind where you want her to be, then it will take longer, because she will not retain the information if you move through the material too quickly.

    Another, perhaps not as obvious, idea is to focus on the mastery subjects- math and English. Either skip (if it is for a short time: a month or a semester) the survey subjects, science and social studies, or just go ahead and bump her up to where she needs to be. This, of course, only applies if she is still in grade 8 and not currently accruing high school credits.

    If she is grade 8, then personally I would focus on English and math and use videos to continue covering some science and social studies, but I wouldn't worry about those two as much. Next year, if her math skills are up to the task, I would start physical science in grade 9. If her math skills are not ready, I would either do general science or earth science and wait a year for physical science. Even going this route, she could do biology in 11th and chemistry in 12th. Sure, it may be preferable that a child take chemistry prior to taking the ACT or SAT, but it is even more preferable that a child understand the chemistry when she is taking it!

    And- if she is in grade 8, I wouldn't even worry about social studies. If you need to report hours in this subject, cover what you can with videos, but really focus on getting those English skills up to grade level. She will need them to do well in high school social studies.

    If she is in grade 9, consider letting her repeat a year. Call this year pre-9 or grade 8 part 2. Education isn't a race. There is no medal for finishing high school at a particular age. If, as a family, this option is deemed unacceptable, then your child needs to understand that she will need to put in more time and perhaps work through the summer.

    These are just general ideas that may or may not apply to your specific situation.
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