Time4Writing just launched two new advanced writing courses for elementary students. If you haven't seen them yet, they are worth checking out.

Both the narrative writing course and the informative writing course are centered around wild animals. In each course, students will start by picking from a list of wild animals, a meerkat for example. As they go through the course instruction, assignments and quizzes, and using their chosen animal, they will learn the five steps of the writing process: prewriting, planning, drafting, revising and editing.

Here's where they differ:

--Narrative Writing - In this course, students learn the elements of narrative. They will learn skills such as researching and note taking. They'll use a graphic organizer and character development maps. And they'll use a story map to identify the story's plot, setting, problem and solution. This just touches the surface of what's covered in this 8-week course so check out this link to see more details: Elementary Narrative Writing | Time4Writing.

--Informative Writing - In this course, students learn the components of informative writing. They will learn how to research and take notes and how to take the information they've collected to create an informative slideshow. They'll do this by learning how to create an outline to not only write full paragraphs of information but to display important facts and graphics in a creative presentation format. As such, this course is a better fit for students with some technical know-how. Here's a link to more information about the course: http://www.time4writing.com/elementa...ative-writing/.

If you'd like to register for the course, here's a link to do so: Wild Animal Tales Narrative Writing & Informative Writing | Time4Writing. Be sure to let us know how you and your student like it.