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    My daughter is 12 and has been using T4L for about a year. Each week I give her a list of learning activities from Language Arts, Language Arts Extensions, Math and Social Studies that should be completed that week. It's roughly 1/34th of the total T4L curriculum. She also does Spectrum Science, AVKO's Sequential Spelling (7 days a week), one class at the public school, lots of additional reading, and four dance classes. I am convinced she would benefit from Time4Writing, but I'm concerned about adding one more thing to her schedule. She is dedicated and a good self-starter. She was very positive when I mentioned Time4Writing. She loves the idea of getting feedback from ANYONE other than me.

    My question is: Do you drop Language Arts or Language Arts Extensions when you add Time4Writing, or do they do it all? I don't want to ask so much of her that she starts rushing through things. How do you work it in so they get the most benefit from it?

    Thanks for any suggestions,

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    I don't have any experience with T4W but I would like to hear what others have to say. It would make sense to me that she keep up with both, since they probably have different things to offer. And fwiw, how much you schedule your child is up to you. You know what she is comfortable with, which is a different amount than children around her.

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    We also are doing time4writing, just started it right after holiday break. So far so good. I have 12 year old 6th grade twins. So far they have been able to do the t4w within their regular schedule -- they too do all the t4l and extra activities -- we do dance every day except Thursday, yikes! I have been generally pleased with the course, but I do have a few concerns -- the teacher herself has submitted critique with spelling errors/typos -- I find that difficult to accept as she is grading the children on the same. Also, it seems to me at times her feedback seems rushed and not clearly defined as to what needs to be improved. For the price, I was hoping for a little more interaction than this. Otherwise it is helping my children and makes them motivated to submit and assignment and anxious to see the grade/feedback.
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    I, personally, don't eliminate anything else when my kids are doing Time4Writing, because it's only an eight-week committment. We can do a little extra for that period of time. You would have to decide whether your own student's schedule can handle more, even for a short time.

    Some of the assignments are very short, taking only five or ten minutes (such as reading an instructional paragraph and answering a couple of questions designed to assess understanding). The actual writing assignments take varying amounts of time, depending on your student. Although it's a good idea to do the assignments daily in order to finish in time, Time4Writing doesn't impose a strict schedule at all. If she happens to encounter a writing assignment that will take quite a while on a busy day, she can do it the following day.

    My kids look forward to the feedback, too!

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