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    I'm a mom of 6....4 children at home ages, 9,7,6,5. I have home schooled since 1998, so I'm not new to home schooling....but brand new to using an online curriculum. T4L good for a core curriculum? All except for 2yrs of home schooling, I have pretty much done everything on my own. I'm looking for something easy on my pockets & takes a lot of work off my hands. Will T4L do that for me? 3 out of the 4 kids will be using it...4th grade, 2nd, & 1st.

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    I use T4L with my 13 year old daughter. We have used it for over a year now. Tons of my friends use it as well. As for being your core curriculum, every one is different in what they expect a core curriculum to include. I am pleased with T4L's curriculum. It is actually written by Compass Learning, who have written curriculum for lots and lots of schools (includes standards-based lessons).

    I especially like that I can track my child's progress with the portfolio. The program is easy enough for my child to navigate on her own. You will not be tied to your child as they work. The 1st grader may need more help from you at times. The lessons are interactive, fun, and actually teach the skills your child needs in a way they will enjoy. You might want to add handwriting as a separate lesson for your 1st adn 2nd grader. I am guessing your 4th grader doesn't focus on handwriting lessons anymore. You could have them copy work from lessons in a copy work folder for handwriting.

    As for payments, if you pay quarterly, you will get a discount. The value is very good for what you get. Many lessons include resources (worksheets) for extra practice. You can take a lesson over if you need. Another feature that is priceless is that you can go up or down a level for your child. For example, if your child is on math at a 5th grade level but seems to be having problems, you can drop them down to grade 4 with no problem. If they are doing great, you can bump them up to grade 6. At the top of each lesson, you will see all three grade levels listed, so you can click on the grade that is appropriate for your child.

    T4L also offers art for free for 6 months after you have been in the program for one month. It is an awesome art program. Then there is the playground area. You can set the requirements for when they can play and how long they can play.

    Have you taken any of the lesson demos? That is where I would start. It will help you get a feel for the whole program.

    Best wishes, I think you will love it here.

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    We are new to T4L and have a couple of user questions: can you pause the video clips while they are playing? I was going to send them an e-mail within the program but it lists teachers (I think) that are pre-k -3. However we are in 7th grade. Any suggestions?

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    Hey, Linda-

    You posted this in an existing thread in the T4Writing section. You may need to repost in the T4Learning section.

    Most of the videos will need to be downloaded in order to pause them. Also, be sure to print out any resource worksheets (or at least look at them) before watching the video just in case there is information that the student may need have in hand while watching.

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