Time4Writing: Online Writing Courses with Teachers. Plus Free Resources
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    Default Time4Writing: Online Writing Courses with Teachers. Plus Free Resources

    Time4Writing.com is an online set of writing courses for students from 2nd grade through high school. There are courses for beginning and advanced writers and for students at higher grades that need help on the basics.

    Time4Writing's courses take 8 weeks (there is some flexibility in schedule) and involve online lessons, interactive exercises, and writing with teacher feedback. During the 8 week course, the teacher-student relationship really helps motivate students to make progress. The work is done on the student's own schedule with around three hours per week being typical of the work load.

    For parents, Time4Writing has recently posted a number of their writing exercises for free use on the website. Enjoy using the writing games, handouts, videos about writing, and presentation materials.

    More info:

    Time4Writing courses are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for elementary through high school. Courses start daily and are designed to help students build writing skills through one-on-one interaction with a certified teacher.

    The elementary writing courses start at the pre-writing level with a beginner course on grammar usage. Other elementary writing courses cover topics such as the parts of speech, punctuation, subject and predicates, sentence structure, sentence types and different types of paragraphs. An advanced elementary writing course introduces the essay, teaches about expository, persuasive and narrative variations and culminates with a five paragraph essay.

    The middle school writing courses start at the beginner level with a basic writing mechanics course, which focuses on writing fundamentals such as sentences vs. fragments, subjects and predicates, subject-verb agreement and capitalization. Intermediate courses include writing enhancements, paragraph writing and a middle school essay writing course that is designed to strengthen the student's ability to write a well-structured essay. The advanced middle school writing course teaches students to find their voice and create essays that match style and media.

    The high school writing courses allow students to strengthen their writing skills at a level that recognizes their maturity. Beginner level courses include "Grammar, Usage and Mechanics" and "High School Paragraphs," which focus on sentence structure, proper punctuation, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, paragraph structure, types of paragraphs and proofreading. Intermediate courses include paragraph and essay writing courses that develop skills and introduce students to the essay writing process from the pre-writing to revision stage. The essay writing for the SAT course is designed for students who want to strengthen their essay writing skills in order to achieve higher SAT scores.
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    We did the intro(beginner) course last year (for elementary and middle school) with each of the boys. I have to say that they loved having someone else besides mom tell them that they were doing a good job. Along with some positive critiques on ways to improve their sentences/paragraphs. It was a great course that they will be taking the next level again this school year! Just another great resource for our homeschooling family to use!! Thanks for creating this great writing site, it seems to be the one area that we need extra help in and I am not able to teach it as well as this course and the wonderful teachers behind can!!
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