Help with structure Utah core curriculum
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    Question Help with structure Utah core curriculum

    I'm having problems structuring our day and keeping my 12 year old focused. I would like to know along with the time4learning program, what others are using - textbooks method? I am only home schooling til the end of May, so am not wanting to spend a lot of money for just a couple months left. THank you!

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    Hi rtaft,

    Have you tried the art program? It's a great way to supplement the regular T4L lessons and give your child some art enrichment. My kids loved it! Check it out here: T4Art
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    Nutrition Curriculum For Homeschoolers at

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    Default Utah Studies core subject

    I have thank you. If I continue on home schooling for next term, I would like to know what others are using for the Utah Studies core subject? FOr a 13 year old?

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