There are many different styles in which homeschooling can be implemented. However, each style will generally fall into one of three categories: Structured, Eclectic, or Unschooling.

Structured Learning
Structured learning is often called the cousin to public and/or private schools. A child who is being taught at home in a structured learning environment.

If structured learning is perceived as traditional than unschooling is perceived as its oppositeunstructured. Advocates of unschooling report that it is a natural form of learning that is centered around the interests of the child. Most unschooling parents make sure their children learn to read, write and do basic math. However, lesson plans and traditional textbooks are not the norm.
Unschooling is usually child-led. Generally speaking, unschoolers feel that a childs inner curiosity and desire to learn should lead the way in learning.

Eclectic Learning
Eclectic learning is a general mix of both traditional and non-traditional learning styles. Many subjects may be structured (such as Math or Language Arts) while other subjects may be unstructured (such as Science, Reading or History). The curriculum is generally a mix and match of what parents have found works well for their children.