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    I would like to know what people are using to keep track of their children's home school work, and if this would be checked by the school if they re-entered into mainstream again? I'm not the best record keeper and any info, would be appreciated.

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    Have you checked out the records that T4L keeps? If your child is logged in to their account, just click on the backpack icon for "Portfolio" and it will give you lots of options to configure the records you want to print. Just be sure to print them once a month because the system clears them out after 30 days.

    I'm not sure if the school system would want to see your records, should you enroll your child there. You may need to ask them that question yourself. Good luck!
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    Default Is T4L Common Core-free?

    In Utah w/ 5yo DD: I have always intended to homeschool, but am having to work a full time job longer than expected. Because of limited time, I was considering "Connections Academy" curriculum, and also have considered the public school Chinese Immersion program based solely on the opportunity to learn a second language. Both of these options are fully engulfed in Common Core, which I don't care to be a part of- at all.

    My question: Does T4L collect data, other than simply what lessons have been completed? What are the restrictions on any sort of information-release that T4L allows/ participates in? Is T4L similar to "connections academy" or "K-12" in that they build their curriculum to comply with the state standard (now Common Core)?

    Thank you,

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