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    Question Schedule/timetable for the day

    My 12 year old is whizzing through the T4L lessons, I have even increased the number of lessons he is supposed to do each day, but it makes no difference. Is he doing something wrong, or is this normal? Since we are supposed to be doing 6 hours schoolwork a day, it makes it hard to know what else he should be doing during the day. ALthough we have workbooks and reading, other resources etc. - it still is not amounting to a full 6 hours and getting stressed that we are not using the system properly. Would love to know what others alloted times are, and what your hour by hour schedules are? Thanks!

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    I'll chime in here, since this is a particular pet peeve of mine. It looks like Utah's homeschooling laws require a homeschooler to spend the same number of hours "in school" as a public schooled student. But a public schooled student isn't spending all that "school" time hitting the books! For example, if a student in public school finishes his or her math assignment, they can't move on to language arts until the end of the designated math period. What do they do to fill that time? Doodle, read, pass notes, daydream . . .

    Here is a good article called How Long is a Homeschool Day?

    That said, you do have to fulfill your state's requirements. Although the law says they can't require you to keep records, I'd do it anyway, just in case there were ever any questions. Utah doesn't dictate what you must use for curriculum, so just keep a log. You might be surprised yourself at how much "educating" gets done outside of formal lessons like Time4Learning! Piano lessons can count as "Music", sports participation counts as "P.E". Educational videos can count as whatever subject they cover. Many routine home chores are instructional: helping to change the oil in the car, cooking a meal . . . anything you are teaching your child. Log it all. You'll feel better!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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