Anyone been to Four Springs Farm in Royalton?
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    Default Anyone been to Four Springs Farm in Royalton?

    I saw their website and was wondering if anyone out there had been. It says they have homeschooling activities like lessons in science, arts, and social sciences. Here's the website:

    I'm curious about this place. If you've been, could you please post what you thought of it, or if you would recommend it to others?

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    I'm Jinny Cleland from Four Springs Farm and came upon your question asking if anyone had been to my place in Vermont with a specific interest in Home Schooling activities. We are still an active working farm with a beautiful campground overlaid on the land. The farm is nature's classroom. We have lots of families come for informal learning spring through fall with casual camping and the opportunity to explore the farm, tag-along-on-chores and visit surrounding features here in central Vermont. Specific programs are custom designed for groups/families who want to work on the farm. We'd love to have individual families or groups come visit us.

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