I am a playwright who has written a musical about bullying called BULLY BE GONE! I would like to invite Vermont home schooled children and their parents to see this show. We have reduced the ticket prices to only $7.50 for students and parents. There are five school shows from Monday Sept 19th through Friday Sept 23rd at 10:30 AM.
My daughter home schools her four boys in Virginia and I want to reach out to children who are home schooled in Vermont to see this amazing production. Below is the information about the show. If anyone has any questions, you can e-mail me at [email protected]. There are also regular shows in the evening and weekend matinees, but those prices, although half of what they should be to cover our costs, are more than the school shows.
a new family musical about bullying
produced, written, and directed by
Elaine Davida Sklar
with Jon Gailmor & Rufus Patrick
PO Box 3166, Stowe, Vermont 05672-3166

BULLY BE GONE! premiers at the newly opened, state of the art, 420-seat
Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in September, 2011. The theatre has already
presented James Taylor, Ben Vereen, Shawn Colvin, the Celtic Crossroads, the
Michael Jordan Trio, and a host of other stars on stage. BULLY BE GONE! is in
good company.
This family musical has received endorsements from Governor Peter Shumlin,
Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Peter Welch,
Partnership With Children, The Lou Bivona Advocacy Center, and the CEO of the
National Foundation For Missing And Exploited Children.
Please consider a field trip to see BULLY BE GONE! an entertaining and
timely family musical that is focused on a crucial issue that affects all of us.
2,000 tickets - reduced to $7.50 for students and teachers who attend a School Show.

Any questions, please call Elaine Davida Sklar at 203-249-8880 (cell)
Book early as there will be more than 2,000 interested students and teachers.
Monday Sept 19th 10:30 AM
Tuesday Sept 20th 10:30 AM
Wednesday Sept 21st 10:30 AM
Thursday Sept 22nd 10:30 AM
Friday Sept 23rd 10:30 AM
There are 400 seats available at each performance.
There are also evening and matinee performances:
Friday & Saturday, September 16th & 17th 2011 at 7 PM
Friday & Saturday, September 23rd & 24th 2011 at 7 PM
Saturday, September 17th at 2PM
Sunday, September 18th at 2 PM
Saturday, September 24th at 2 PM
BUY TICKETS NOW! To Purchase Tickets for open matinees and evening shows:
The Spruce Peak Arts Center Click Buy Tickets
To buy tickets for the school shows, contact Elaine at [email protected]

Bullying has become an overwhelming issue affecting today’s children, and an
epidemic in our schools, often leading to life threatening consequences. Educators,
community leaders, law enforcement agencies, psychologists and parents, are all
searching for answers to eliminate this serious problem that is emotionally and
physically damaging to our children and their future.

Our concern as their parents, guardians and caregivers, is to make sure that our
children are able to grow up in a healthy environment that provides positive
stimulation and a feeling of security. Hence, BULLY BE GONE! our offering into the
battle against the Bully.

BULLY BE GONE! addresses the seriousness of bullying with humor, sensitivity and
insight. It appeals to all ages through its clever dialogue, inspired solutions and
spiritual support for all victims of bullying.
Animals rather than human characterizations were created to avert any stereotyping.

BULLY BE GONE! is set in an alternative universe called The Land Between. It is a
combination of the jungle, forest, desert, plains, prehistoric, and mythological times.
The musical introduces a diverse cast of four bullies, four victims, and an intermediary
who helps model effective solutions. The appeal is ageless and universal.
We hope BULLY BE GONE! will gain national recognition and eventually be offered
to drama programs throughout the country. Any licensing of characters will bring
revenue to initiate programs on bullying prevention in Vermont.

“It’s great that Vermont will play host to the world premier of the musical
BULLY BE GONE! Too often we hear about the negative – sometimes tragic –
consequences of bullying, and I applaud the efforts of everyone involved in this
production and thank them for their hard work to raise awareness of the problem.
I hope that BULLY BE GONE! will help us ultimately eradicate bullying in Vermont.”
Governor Peter Shumlin

“Over 30 years ago when I was a prosecutor, we all knew of the problems of
bullying. Today, with all the various electronic media and ways of communicating,
the problem is so much greater. Parents, teachers and students need to recognize
the signs of bullying and unite against it. For our children’s sake let us hope
BULLY BE GONE! can help. I believe it will.”
Senator Patrick Leahy

“I was delighted to learn that Jon Gailmor is collaborating on an effort to deal with
the very serious issue of bullying. BULLY BE GONE! is a wonderful effort
to educate children about bullying and what they can do to prevent it. Bravo!”
Senator Bernie Sanders

“Thank you so much for letting me know about your BULLY BE GONE! project.
I am not surprised to hear that you are using your incredible talent and energy to
help children deal with such a difficult challenge. Each year, the Vermont Youth Risk
Behavior Survey reminds us that bullying persists in our schools and communities.
Despite the best efforts of parents and educators, bullying continues and young
lives are affected by the humiliation, insult, and pain that results. A musical like
BULLY BE GONE! will help young people by offering understanding and solutions.
Bullying can be as subtle as it is sharp – using music, humor, and allegory will give
viewers experiences and lessons they will definitely identify with. I wish you and
your colleagues the best of success with BULLY BE GONE! I am sure you will make
a positive difference. Thanks for all you do for young people in Vermont.”
Congressman Peter Welch

"Elaine Davida Sklar has created an original musical to address the issue of bullying
in its different forms. BULLY BE GONE! is extremely upbeat and positive while still
tackling head-on the serious subject of bullying.
BULLY BE GONE! presents a wide range of scenarios and created real feelings for the
characters involved. From beginning to end, BULLY BE GONE! will keep the interest
and attention of audiences of all ages. This fast-paced musical uses music and fun
and shows how to handle bullies, not an easy task! I really enjoyed it."
Mike Dreiblatt, Vermont author and public speaker

"Helping children to be aware of bullying behaviors and how they can respond
to them is the best prevention or intervention there is. Partnership With Children
works with children to teach them coping skills especially bullying behaviors and
their consequences. BULLY BE GONE! is a welcome addition to the literature on
the subject for families."
Michelle Sidrane, Executive Director Of Partnership with Children

“BULLY BE GONE! presents the ideal opportunity to teach children about bullying
and its ramifications. The upbeat, and, at times, whimsical musical generates
effective methods of dealing with an overwhelming and serious issue that plagues
too many of our children. For years, I have been working to improve the lives of
exploited children and the long-lasting effects suffered by them. I strongly support
this unique musical, BULLY BE GONE! and its mission to model effective strategies.
Thanks for working to bring a better understanding to poor human behavior and an
effort to change it.
Lou Bivona
CEO of the National Foundation for Missing and Exploited Children &
The Lou Bivona Advocacy Center

Profiles of the Creators
ELAINE DAVIDA SKLAR – Producer/Playwright/Lyricist/Director
Elaine holds a Bachelors degree in Speech and Communications and a Masters of
Education. She was the Director of The Greenwich Repertory Theatre and Connecticut
Playmakers, and the Drama Chairman for The Masters School. She co-founded the
Pick A Perfect Party Company and The Children’s Theatre Workshop. Elaine hosted
a weekly syndicated radio program in Connecticut and wrote the humor column for
Link Magazine. She co-authored “The Ultimate Party Guide” for Oriental Trading Co.,
wrote a young adult novel, a bilingual children’s book, numerous plays, and three
musicals. She has directed, produced, and choreographed over 25 productions.

JON GAILMOR – Composer
John has been writing songs since 1971. He has performed in Russia, Latvia and
Ecuador, a tennis stadium in Lima, Peru, schools and senior centers, clubs and
coffeehouses, US prisons, and the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. An alumnus of
the University of Pennsylvania, he conducts songwriting workshops and residencies
throughout the country and hosts a weekly radio show. In 1996, John enjoyed the
honor of carrying the Olympic Torch through Brattleboro, Vermont. He has six CDs
including, “Passing Through”, “Gonna Die With A Smile If It Kills Me", “Dirt”,
“Generations”, “Childish Eyes", and “Checking In”.

JEFF SLEVIN – Composer/Lyricist
Jeff Slevin was part of the "Meet the Composer” program, sponsored by the NYC
Board of Education. He composed music for the Off Broadway show, "Boxed In",
and the cult film classic, "Fight for Your Life", which played at Quentin Tarantino's
Film Festival. He has performed in New York, Las Vegas, Disney World, and Paris.

Milford Cushman established his architectural firm, The Cushman Design group of
Stowe, in 1989. The firm is committed to use environmentally sound design concepts
designing hundreds of projects that have a significant impact on the northern
Vermont landscape. Milford has also designed sets for many theatrical shows.

RUFUS PATRICK – Musical Director
Rufus served as president of the Vermont Music Educators and the New England
Music Festival Association, musical director for the Vermont Lyric Theatre, and
was a member of the Music Educator’s National Conference Executive Board.
He performed in Russia and Latvia as the chorus director for “Project Harmony”.
Rufus received the Teacher of the Year Award for the Burlington, Vermont School
Department, where he conducted the chorus, pit orchestra, Madrigal singers, and
pep band. He is the founder and artistic director for the Hinesburg Artist Series,
and conducts the South County Chorus, the Hinesburg Community Band, the In
Accord singers, the United Church Choir and the All Souls Interfaith Gathering Choir