Dear homeschoolers --

Young Writers Project, a Burlington, Vermont-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youths build confidence and communication skills, is offering a unique and limited-time opportunity for youths aged 12-18 to participate in a pilot of its latest innovation: the Digital Learning Center.

Young Writers Project operates a safe, respectful online writing community for youths at YWP provides and monitors this platform as a free service to any youth (from anywhere) who wants to join! Volunteer mentors provide feedback to community members and help YWP select great work for publication in more than 20 newspapers, partner web sites, broadcast media and our digital magazine, We also offer occasional in-person workshops and conferences (our next one is November 5 in Montpelier, VT), and organize events for youths to present their best work to live audiences. And, now, we are introducing a new level of programming: the Digital Learning Center.

The Digital Learning Center is a members-only space on where YWP is building a library of formal learning Playlists inspired by youth-suggested topics. Playlists are artist-led projects aimed at helping youths develop a specific skill or explore a particular topic. They are broken into bite-sized pieces where youths learn by creating content and exchanging feedback with mentors, peers and the Playlist instructor. Though the topics and skills vary, all Playlists allow youths to develop their own ideas, learn at their own pace and finish with a tangible product, which they can then include in their learning portfolios and/or polish for publication.

YWP created the Digital Learning Center because the youths we work with wanted more than our free community could give them. We found that most online learning doesn't give participants a whole lot of opportunity to develop their own ideas or learn from each other or finish with a tangible product. So, we designed something that does. But we're not quite there yet. We are looking for 75 enthusiastic youths who are hungry for opportunities to learn writing and digital media skills to help us test the content we have, provide feedback on the design and give us suggestions for new things they would like to learn.

In exchange, we will provide them with FREE year-long memberships to the DLC (valued at $120) when we open it up to the general public. The pilot is slated for November 1-December 31, 2016. Each member of the pilot group will be asked to complete the activities and feedback forms for at least two Playlists by the end of the pilot period.

If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please feel free to email me at [email protected]! I look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Kind regards,

Sarah Gliech

Outreach Coordinator

Young Writers Project
47 Maple Street #106
Burlington, VT 05401