My name is Ian Boyle, I am a full time snowboard coach working and living at Jay Peak Resort. I have many passions in my life, the two that have driven me the most is my love for educating and a life long passion for snowboarding. I am e-mailing your group today because I have some questions that I hope you all can help me with.*

I am starting an educational program for home schooled children in Northern VT. The Northern Vermont Mountain Academy will be a way for home schooled children that are involved in snow sports to continue building on their skills while also receiving a quality nutrition, environmental,and* adventure education. All of this while learning in a fun, high energy, social environment with other home school kids in the area. Now that I have shared the program, here comes my questions. As I form the program more I want to make sure that I am catering to the needs of home school families. The program is 16 hours a week, midweek days, for 15 weeks during the winter season,excluding holiday and Vermont breaks.*
Logistically, would it be easier for children to be dropped off for half day (4hr) or full day (8hr) sessions?
For your residence, what ski area is closest or most accessible?** Is Jay Peak too far for your group? *

Is this a program that families in your area would be interested in?

Since I moved to Vermont I have always felt comforted by an overwhelming sense of community. I look forward to any advice, feedback, and interest you all may have. Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read and to help me make a dream of positively helping our communities a reality!


Ian Boyle

[email protected]

CELL: 803-488-4093 *