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    A friend told me about Time4Learning, but I have a couple questions. Does the state of VT approve this curriculum? I presume that it does. And do you know in the sections for my child's academic plan in the diffrent subject areas if I put that I am using the time4learning on-line curriculum or....? Trying to get the ball rolling so I can start home-schooling my eldest come January! Thanks so much =)

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    Welcome to Time4Learning! I'm not sure whether T4L is "approved" by the state of Vermont. However, T4L is based on state and national standards and should work as your core curriculum just fine. I'm going to give you a link for the Time4Learning page about homeschooling in Vermont. There are a couple of links within that page that will help you get more information on homeschooling in Vermont. Time4Learning should fulfill the requirements for English, Math, Science, citizenship, history, US government, and potentially writing. If your child is 4th grade or above, then there is an art program available through T4L that will probably fulfill the fine arts requirement. That would leave you with health, physical education, Vermont government to fill in. If you feel like your child needs more writing, Time4Writing are online courses, taught by a tutor, that are available for an additional cost. Time4Learning keeps great records, and you can print them out to fulfill part of the portfolio proof you need to document your child's education. You can also go to scope and sequence, within the T4L site to make sure that your child will be meeting the standards. Some parent's print the scope and sequence, and highlight what has been accomplished as the child works through the school year. Don't forget to print resources, which are available for some lessons. (basically they are like workbook pages which can show your child's progress)
    I'm not sure I answered your questions, and if I didn't please ask them again I might not have understood the question! Welcome to the exciting world of homeschooling. My other suggestion to you is to look for a local homeschool group, where there will be experienced parents who can help you with the intricacies of homeschooling in your area. Please let me know if there is any thing else we can do to help!
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