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    I was wondering if anyone had info about children required to join a therapy group for socialization in VA (Chesapeake area). Do the kids HAVE to attend therapy for socialization if they are not on a sports team or some kind of kiddy team or activity? Where does it say this? I was told they have to start going to group therapy of this was the case.... Can someone please explain!

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    Hi. Each state has its own homeschool laws. They are all different, and it does not matter where in the state you live. Some school districts may try to request or require things that aren't part of your state's homeschool statute, but you are not legally obligated to comply with those requests.

    I don't live in VA, but I'll paste what I found online. There is no mention of requirements for extra curricular activities. In fact, VA is one state that specifically recognizes parental rights: Parental Rights Act:Under Virginia Code §1-240.1, a parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning theupbringing, education, and care of the parent's child. The enacting clauses in SB 908 and HB 1642 (2013)state that it is the expressed intent of the General Assembly to codify the opinion of the Supreme Court ofVirginia in L.F. v. Breit, issued on January 10, 2013, as it relates to parental rights.

    I'm just an experienced homeschool mom . . . not an attorney, so this isn't legal advice. If anything about a child's upbringing is reported, and IF it is found to warrant an investigation, and IF it then goes to court, and IF the judge found some reason to require counseling or therapy . . . then that particular child would be required to abide by whatever the judge ordered. That's the case regardless of how the student is educated. Extra-curricular activities are not required by law just because a student is homeschooled. In fact, VA doesn't even specify which subjects must be taught. Here is the main portion of the law:

    Home School Statute. Va. Code Ann. § 22.1-254.1. “Home Instruction”1. Parental instruction of children is an acceptable form of education. Va. Code Ann. § 22.1-254.1(A).2. Parents must annually notify their local superintendent of their intention to home school by August 15.If moving into the school district or if starting home instruction after the school year has begun, parentsmust notify “as soon as practicable” and thereafter comply with other requirements within thirty daysof notice. There is no requirement to use the local school district’s form.3. Approval is not required. “Approval is automatic so long as a proper notice is filed.” State Supts. MemoNo. 105, June 6, 1984. The same is true for families starting after the school year has begun: “subsequentto providing the school division with a notice of intent, such parents can begin home schooling and theywill have 30 days to submit the other information required.” Supts. Memo No. 124, June 9, 2006,referring to the legislature’s 2006 addition of the word “thereafter” to the notice requirement.4. Parents must satisfy one of four options: (i) have a high school diploma, or (ii) be a “teacher ofqualifications prescribed by the Board of Education,” or (iii) provide a curriculum or program of study,or (iv) provide evidence that the “parent is able to provide an adequate education.” State Supt. Memo105, June 6, 1984, stated that in determining whether a parent can provide an adequate education, a localsuperintendent should determine “whether the document itself exhibits a mastery of language by thewriter; whether it includes plans for instructional activities; and whether it presents a reasonable scopeand sequence of content. The [local] superintendent does not have to approve or disapprove the activitiesor the content and should not pass judgment on whether the curriculum is a satisfactory substitute forthat of the public schools. That should be left to the parent.”5. Parents must submit a "description of curriculum” which is a list of subjects they intend to teach.Families are not required to describe the content of individual courses.Virginia VA-26. Anyone aggrieved by a superintendent’s decision may appeal within 30 days to an independent hearing officer.

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