Question about end of the year testing
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    Default Question about end of the year testing

    This is my first year homeschooling. Does my children need to be tested at the end of the year? Can I use the time4learning reports to turn in for their achievement? If anyone else lives in Va and uses time4learning reports as the achievement let me know and how do you write up a end of the year achievement report?

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    Default Re: Question about end of the year testing

    Hopefully someone from VA will chime in soon. Until then, here is a link I found on testing and evaluation. Hope it helps.

    Homeschooling in Virginia - Testing and Evaluation Evidence of Educational Progress | VaHomeschoolers

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    Default Re: Question about end of the year testing

    Hi! I don't live in Virginia, either, but I have some experience interpreting homeschool laws, so I might be able to add a little info until a Virginia resident chimes in here.

    It looks like you have two options to show progress in Virginia. You only need to choose one of them: standardized testing or a progress review from a qualified individual.

    If you choose standardized testing, you will need to locate an independent tester or an independent testing facility.

    If you choose an evaluation, ask the evaluator what they want you to bring. If they want a portfolio or ask for samples of the student's work, here is information about what kinds of things you can include in your student's homeschool portfolio.

    I hope this gets you a little further down the road until someone with experience in your state replies.

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    Default Re: Question about end of the year testing

    If you want to use standardized testing, you can use IOWA Tests® - Seton Testing Services
    I've used in the Stuarts Draft, VA school district for 2 yrs now and that seems to meet my districts requirements. Reports are usually sent back within two weeks once you mail test back to them.

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