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    Default Am I Crazy??

    Hello all,

    I am new around here and will give (hopefully) a brief introduction. My name is Angela, I live in Spokane Valley. I am married to Glenn and have 10 wonderful "adopted" kids, by which I mean 3 are Glenn's Bio kids, 2 are officially adopted, 4 we have guardianship of and 1 more is in the progress of being adopted. We have homeschooled all of the children when we saw a need. This year all the ones still in school were in traditional school until today. I am in school full time to become a special education teacher and since my schedule was so hectic I thought I would give it a try. On a side note all of my children (with the exception of the 3 bio) have learning issues ranging from diagnosed dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD with executive dysfunction, expressive and receptive language delays, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (affects the one who was pulled from school today) Drug affect, CAPD, etc etc.

    Ok so there is the back ground now for the current. Michael is my youngest, he is 7 yrs old. He is Diagnosed with ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, and language delays. He also has a severe medical condition called Mastocytosis ( He was not in a "normal" school until this last September. I wanted him in Kindergarten because of his delays but they would not do that because he was about to turn 7. So to first grade he went, and of course he could not keep up! So IEP meeting was held (Boy I hate those! and I have one today for another child!) and they put my little boy in the special education room. At the time it seemed like the best option, at least he would not be in a class where he had no hope of being successful. However, they are working on things like cutting, painting, counting to 10 and coloring. I truly do not care if he cuts on the line, paints neat or colors in the lines yet, all of that will come naturally for him in time. He could count to ten before this, write his first name, tell colors, do simple adding and subtracting etc. Typical pre school getting ready for Kindergarten stuff. He has not progressed past this other than singing "the wheels on the bus" and has even regressed in his potty issues lately.

    So to today: Michael has been saying things like "Mommy, do I have to go to school today?" and would be disappointed when I said yes and happy if I said no, first hint that something was not right. Today he mentioned that a boy took his Sonic the Hedge Hog Toy, granted he should not have taken it to school but it slipped by and he did. He told me he let the boy hold it because the boy was "flicking" me and I wanted him to be nice to me. This is the same boy he has had issues with before, this boy is in the first grade class. I called the school and told them what Michael said, I got a call saying that is impossible they are never alone together! well maybe for a few minutes at morning recess before school starts, and if you think there is an issue there, well he is not our kid and we are not responsible till he comes in the class with us (even though he rides the bus to school) and you will just have to bring him to school and watch him" (not exact quote but close) I called the principal who basically told me there is no way the teacher would have said that. I got off the phone with her, called my husband, discussed it all with him, had him bring me the truck back home (he took my truck to work because his is having an issue) and I went and picked up my baby!

    I asked Michael what he wanted to do for school and he said he wanted to do his old school. It took me just a minute to realize he meant compass (time 4 learning) and so here we are. I will file the intent to homeschool tomorrow ( we happen to be at a break now so perfect timing). My two oldest kids (18 and 17) will be helping him during the day while I am in school and we will work after school and weekends as needed.

    So why did I ask if I am crazy?? 10 kids 2 parents dad works full time and more, mom taking 5 college classes, and homeschooling too Yep the white coats are at the door LOL

    Thanks for listening

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    Hi Angela,

    How are things going? I don't think you're crazy, I think you're dedicated and doing what you think is the best for your child. I too have a special-needs child with a medical condition. When she was in public school and had an iep the expectations of her were pretty low. Once we switched her learning environment (at the end of 2nd grade) and the bar was set higher she made a lot of progress. She still has some accomodations but now, at seventh grade, is doing well. I work part-time and my husband works very long hours but it all works out. Getting support from other family members helps a lot (my parents help me homeschool). In terms of language delays, have you considered a specialized research-based intervention such as Orton Gillingham? Verticy (they have a website) offers a program designed for homeschoolers. My daughter did four years of NILD educational therapy which made a world of difference. The emphasis was on strengthening the cognitive and perceptual deficits underlying the academic challenges. Anyhow, I thought I'd mention it. I hope that your homeschooling is going well!

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    Doesnt sound crazy at all, sounds normal! You sound like a great Mom who is caring for a lot of kids that really need it and it sounds like you did the right thing for your son!
    KUDOS to you for all you are doing right now and staying sane!

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