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    Default Cool Spelling Website

    I had never heard of this website before, but it is really cool. It is a free site, although you can choose to use their record keeping option for a small fee (29.95 for up to 5 kids). They let you enter your own spelling words and then you can have the site teach you the words, test you on the words or play a game with the words.

    I love that when they teach the words they say the word and then spell it out loud while they are writing it on the screen. Good for visual and auditory learners. The games are pretty good and include context as well as spelling.

    We just signed up and I haven't had my kids try it yet, but it looks like a great way for them to practice their words. We may even use it to test them since that is one less thing I would have to try fit in. It seems like when I am giving a test to one child everyone else needs my attention. This may be a better fit for us.

    If you want to check it out you can click this link. It is called Spelling City

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    Default Re: Cool Spelling Website

    We love Spelling City! I actually just won a subscription too. Haven't logged into it yet though. I have my girls doing Evan Moor spelling, but my older one is at the 6+ which I think is the end, so I'm planning to us SC more for her then.

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    Just logged in! Played a litle my self. It will work great for my 7 year old with speech apraxia and my 8 year old who can spell better than I did in middle school. Thanks!

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