The Lonely-Onlies!
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    I get the feeling we are the only family in our neighborhood that homeschools. That can't be right, can it? Two years we have gone to the school to request intent-to-homeschool forms, and two years we have had to explain to the school staff what it is and where to find it on their school's website. Weird, right? There is a group that meets weekly at the school as a "homeschool option" and it has about 10 kids (from the city-wide district, from what I understand), but I mean regular old homeschoolers that aren't attached to the school.

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    Well, I don't know. It is difficult to say without knowing where you live, but is there some kind of local support group or co-op that you can plug into? WHO has a list of resources that may be worth checking out, or you could do a search for YourCity, WA Homechooling and see what comes up.

    I know that we are the only family in our neighborhood that homeschools. But there are several hundred families in our city that homeschool. Sometimes it can be hard to find them which is why I asked about local support groups.

    As far as the school district goes it is possible that they are really unaware of what the form is and where to find it. It's also possible that they were busy or having a bad day, or that they had a different agenda. Who knows? It's impossible to know what goes on in someone else's head. Possibly they wanted to have time to talk about their district's "homeschool" program.

    It is also possible that the homeschoolers in your area do not typically go into the office to file their declarations. We used to live in a very homeschool unfriendly community and I filed my declaration by certified, return receipt mail every year so I would have a record that they had received it.

    If I can help you find a local group I would be happy to do that. I am sure others on here would be happy to help with that as well. Let us know.

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