Washington Homeschoolers - Tell us your best & worst day homeschooling!
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    Default Washington Homeschoolers - Tell us your best & worst day homeschooling!

    Time to fess up!
    Tell us your absolute worst day, the one when you felt like you wanted to just toss your kids on the school bus and wave bye as you ran to lock the door!LOL
    Tell us about your BEST day, the one where something your child did made you realize that you made the best choice with homeschooling!!

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    Worst, My 9 yr old!!! boy oh boy can he push the limits. He is so book smart and world ignorant! There have been many a day when I wanted to send him not just to school (he is in public school right now but a cont. curriculm that challenges him) but to Military school and blow the gate closed.

    Best: Today I removed my youngest from public school ( he is 7 did his first years at home then went to public school this year). The little boy that the world has condemned to never being normal (who is?) and stuck in a special education room learned more today than he has all year! And he sat still for it!! GO MICHAEL!!!


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