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    Hey everybody. My name is Heidi and I just started homeschooling my youngest daughter who's a high school freshman.

    I'm looking for ANY assistance and advice from all of you here. I'm still trying to sort exactly how to get my girl off to a great start and keep it that way. She's doing ok with what t4l has to offer I am looking for great ways to supplement her education and integrate it with everyday things.

    I'd appreciate any idea's and if anyone knows of a support group for Jackson County that's be GREAT. I can't seem to find one.

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    Welcome to the forums. A good place to start would be the Getting Started Guide. Check out your local library. Also public places like historic sites during school hours. The kids that are there are probably homeschooled.
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    Welcome to Time4Learning.
    My first inclination is to ask what your daughter's interests are? For example, my daughter loves horses. So we found a ranch where there is an organization that does hippotherapy for kids with special needs. My daughter has already graduated from homeschool this past year, but she volunteered there for a couple of years and loved it. She needed volunteer hours for high school and was able to find something she enjoyed doing. So I suggest to find something that she is interested in and see if she can do some volunteer work. We also volunteered together at a home for children.

    We are also members of a couple of local homeschool support groups, which are very active. My son is in the yearbook club and my other daughter is in the drama club. Some counties also allow kids to participate in the school band or sports teams.

    I used Google to search for West Virginia Jackson county homeschool support groups. Here are a couple of links:
    Homeschooling Support Groups in West virginia - Homeschoolfacts.com
    Homeschool World: West Virginia Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups

    Lastly, my son is taking a couple of classes at the local college as a dual enrolled student. So those credits will be counted toward high school and toward college credits. My daughter did the same. She took sign language last year. Maybe your daughter could take a language or computer course.

    I hope that helps.
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