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    Anyone know how best to find a teacher who would be willing to check the end of the year portfolio and submit a letter to the school board? I asked one teacher I know and she looked at me like I had two heads. Tia

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    Yep, that sounds about right.....that you got a look like you have two heads. That's why I prefer to use a homeschooling parent who still has their teacher certificate. I use someone that I met through our homeschool support group. I'd give you mine, but I don't live in WV. Hopefully someone here will give you some recommendations.

    You can also call your local homeschool support group or your state homeschool association. This Information page compiled by T4L should be helpful in finding a group near you: West Virginia Homeschooling Information

    I also did a Google search of West Virginia homeschool groups and got several. Here are two:
    Homeschool World: West Virginia Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups
    West Virginia Homeschooling | A2Z Homeschooling

    And here are 2 West Virginia state associations:
    Homeschooling in West Virginia

    All these groups have lists of certified teachers who are familiar with homeschooling and provide their services to homeschoolers.
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