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    Hi, My name is Kristie, and I am wanting to home school my 5 year old son Trevor. I have been reading alot about T4L, and I am really interested in it. Does it teach all the stuff that he would need to learn, or do I need to look into alternative methods also? This will be my first year at home schooling, and I am very nervous about it. At the end of the school year, how will I know if he can go on to 1st grade? Does the school board have to approve that, or do I just automatically start home schooling for 1st grade? Any answers that I can get from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Kristie

    Let me tell you from personal experience that my first year with my youngest (also a 1st grader) that we basically did T4L for his entire curriculum. I would supplement with for his spelling (we still use it today!), along with some science experiments (because he loves his science), a math game or two (because again he loves loves math!), handwriting (because well he needed it!) and field trips or anything fun. His first year of homeschooling he went from what the school called average to above average on his yearly testing going up a grade in English and 2 in math!

    I remember being nervous too, I would only suggest that you look over his lessons after he completes them (thru the parent login) and see if didn't get a 100% or what ever grade you think he needs to get, and then review,find extra things about the lesson or even go thru the lesson with him. I did that for my boys I figured if he wasn't getting 100% then I needed to make sure he was understanding each subject. Does that make sense? You know that you are doing a wonderful thing for him and you both will be so happy that you did?

    Let me know how things go and best wishes!
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