2nd time's the charm
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    Default 2nd time's the charm

    We will see. We are a mixed family of 10. The youngest just turned 11 a mid September. He has mild CP, but we were also being told he has ADD/ADHD. Well, the way things were happening lately, it seemed like something else, and because of him having CP, there is more of a likelyhood that it is something related to that instead of ADD. Because of continued testing for sensory integration as well as hearing, we decided he is best educated at home. Too much stuff bothers him at public school, and he isn't able to work on his own. Already today as his first day on T4L, he is finding that there is more stuff he is able to do on his own, than he was able to do before. I am hoping and praying this will work out better than last time.

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    Last time? Do you mean you've tried T4L before, or just that you've homeschooled before? Your son definitely sounds like he'd do well with T4L, and we're thrilled to have you join us! Best wishes to you, and please feel free to post if you think of any questions!
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