ep617 - 02-26-2011, 07:58 AM
Hello Everyone!

I am a home school mom of four kids, ages 16-4. We currently live in Indiana. The laws here are very easy for home school families. They only ask, but not legally required, to register with the Dept. of Ed. and give 180 days of instruction. Basically you are free to teach what and as you wish.

My husbands employer is re-locating him to Proctor Minn. I understand that the border of Wisc. and Minn are available to choose for us in which to live.

Since the home school laws in Wisc. seem easier than that of Minn, we are leaning towards finding a home in Wisc.

We have lived in IL all our lives and in IN for the past year and a half. We are very unfamiliar with your region, so any advice or information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and have a blessed day!


mamaneedham - 02-27-2011, 06:16 PM
Hi Elaine,
Maybe this page of info about homeschooling in Wisconsin will help. Homeschooling in Wisconsin You'll find lots of great stuff there about the laws in Wisconsin, homeschool support groups there, and more!
And here's the corresponding page for Minnesota info. Homeschooling in Minnesota
Best of luck to you with your move!