Another weekend with nothing accomplished
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    Default Another weekend with nothing accomplished

    God, this is a mess.

    This is the second weekend in a row that my daughter and I (okay, I) didn't make time to go over the stuff she didn't understand from the week. It's worse because the tutor was out of town.

    I feel so bad, like I'm not able to make school a priority - and if it's not a priority, it's not going to succeed.

    How do other WOHMs handle this? When do you work with your child? I hit the door at 5:30, and then it's a blur of cooking & cleaning up dinner for seven, baths, homework, whatever activities are in the hopper, and bed. And by the time I look at the clock it's 9:30!

    Does anybody have any good strategies for carving out time for school?


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    Default Re: Another weekend with nothing accomplished

    Choose a time of day or even one time per week when you will just drop everything and help her out. If it's inked in as a priority, it will happen. I admire you. I don't woth now, but when I did, it was exhausting trying to keep up with everything between work and home. I stopped even making the bed because just didn't have the time between doing everything else that was more important.

    If you're having a hard time finding a block of time on the weekend, maybe it would work better to use 15 minutes per day during the week. Any time you see her would be an okay time to talk about school. Maybe you could do chores around the house together and talk about it then. That way, if there's something she doesn't understand at least when you sit down for a few minutes after dinner you will have been able to think about it beforehand.

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    Default Re: Another weekend with nothing accomplished


    Love your name My youngest is Anne.

    The only way to carve out time is to cut out or cut down on other activities.

    You said you were cooking & cleaning up dinner, doing baths, homework, other activities and then it's bedtime.

    So, to make more time for school, you have to eliminate or cut down on the time doing the other things you are doing at night.

    Do you have anyone that can help? An older child or spouse? How old is your daughter?

    Can your daughter or someone else start dinner a few nights a week while you take a few minutes to review what she needs to go over before you actually sit down with her?

    Could you make more simple meals half the week? i.e.- frozen lasagna, crockpot meals started in the morning

    What other activities are your family doing? Are they necessary? Do you have to attend? Is it like basketball practice that maybe that child could get a ride with someone else every other time for?

    Baths are necessary, but do you need to be involved? Could baths be taken in the morning? Speaking of the morning, could you go over school in the morning?

    There really are only so many hours in the day. So something has to give. Maybe if you sit with your daughter first before doing anything else, except maybe put a frozen lasagna in the oven, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then at least some of the time you'll get a little more done with her.

    You might also want to consider completely banning yourself from cleaning on weeknights. Have your family help as much as they can, and let the rest go. If there's anything that "only you" can do, try to do it in the morning or on weekends. Don't feel bad though! It's hard, what you're trying to juggle right now.

    Try to do a little less of a few other things, so you can do a little more of school. Easily said, a little harder to be implemented, but really it's the only way.

    I would also consider if there's something you're avoiding when it comes to working with your child? Do you get resistance from her? Does it always take longer than you intend for it to take so you're afraid to spend even a short amount of time with her? Is it that you're feeling overwhelmed because it's been so long since you've sat down with her?

    You and she will both get through this!


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