Child care for home schooled kids
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    Default Child care for home schooled kids

    Hello all,

    I currently am home schooling my six year old son. I want to continue home schooling him but am perplexed on how I am going to do so and try and work as well. I've seen that some parents are able to work (from home usually) and successfully home school their kids but I just don't know how I can make that work for my son and I other then planting him n in front of a screen for six plus hours while I work. Clearly I do not want to do that. Has any one ever participated in or even heard of child care co-op's w/ working-home schooling parents? This seems to me to be a great solution but I can't seem to find a resource for something like this. We are a military family so calling on our extended family to help is not an option, frankly though even if family were near by I wouldn't feel right always asking them to help with child care needs.

    Is there any one out there that has feed back or suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Sounds like us with the family part:0)

    I haven't heard of a child care coop here BUT if it is something that you are interested in you should ask around! I would go over to the IL parent forum and maybe mention it in there as well. Do you have a local support group that you are a member of? IF so that is where I would start, I am sure that there are others near by that have similar issues. Whether it is a work from home, a lot of other kiddos (and needing to work one on one), etc

    I hope that you get the info that you are needing!! Let us know what you find out!
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