Difficulty in Time Management
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    Default Difficulty in Time Management

    Hello Guys.

    I'm a working mom and got a child. Good thing that due to pandemic, our office pushed thru a work from home set-up. At first, this is great, but eventually, it turned out to be hard. I am being challenged to budget my time properly for my work , for my child and for the household chores. I no longer have time for myself. Its kinda frustrating. I wonder how others faced this challenge of working from home.

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    Default Re: Difficulty in Time Management

    Why do this forum seems soooo quite and threads or posts are becoming lesser and lesser...

    Bumped into this because it is the most recent thread created. I am a parent who supervises homeschooling and at the same time I do work from home too. I have been on your shoes when the family started homeschooling but eventually got to manage things and we were able to adjust.

    What I can advise is that plan ahead and dont overdo things - dont put a lot of pressure on yourself with all the things going on. Take a breath, refresh and plan. Hope that helps.

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