Homeschooling as a working mother
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    Default Homeschooling as a working mother

    My son has been using T4L for about a month now. We pulled him out of 7th grade in late November. He's 12 and doing 6th- and 7th-level work. It's been going really well so far. He gets up and does his T4L before going out to play or doing other things, although he takes breaks. (My husband works from home but is not involved in the school work.)

    For our son, it is great that it is all at his own pace, and if he doesn't understand something he can go back and review it -- no embarrassment in front of other kids or busy teachers.

    Every day before I leave my office, I make sure he has done his work by logging on and checking his Report for that day. When he has a really good report, I print it out, highlight all the good grades with yellow highlighter and leave it on his keyboard with an encouraging note for him to find the next morning. Like "Keep up the great work! Love, Mom."

    Once a week I print out a weekly report, which I file by subject in a binder. He also writes every day (a "note of the day" on his Facebook). I don't require it, he just likes to write.

    I just ask him to do work on every subject every day. How much he does is up to him.

    His grades are getting better, he is spending more time per lesson and he is doing more activities. I think this is because I focus on positive reinforcement, and T4L is no pressure-- just him and the computer!

    Meanwhile he is a happier kid, writing and drawing a lot, and still spending time with friends from school when he wants.

    I have also found the people at T4L to be helpful when I call.

    Hope this is encouraging to other working moms!


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    Thanks Annette. It is very encouraging. My daughter is 12. She left ps two years ago. We use a similar method. I am fortunate in that I work one mile from our house. I get to go home every afternoon for lunch and talk with her about her morning and her plans for the afternoon. After about two months on T4L I noticed she was moving really quickly through some subjects and more slowly through others. We talked about it. She siad she wanted to be "done" with 7th grade when her brother got out of public school for the summer. So I make her a weekly schedule now. I took what was left in each subject and divided the number of activities by the remaining weeks of school. Then each week I "assign" her the number of activities she needs to complete each week to be "done" by summer. I didn't know if it would stress her out or not. She seems to like it. Her schedule is always there on her desk with activities crossed off that she has finished. She might do all of her SS early in the week and then Science later in the week. She might try to finish on Thursday and have Friday off. Actually she does that a lot. I think the schedule gives her permission to be finished for the week. This way she knows she has done enough and she won't be schooling all summer to finish the curriculum. That's what works for us. I love your idea of sharing her report with her in order to be encouraging. That would be a great way to start her day.


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