How to be sure your kid is safe while you are out working?
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    Default How to be sure your kid is safe while you are out working?

    I have an issue of a specific kind...You see, last year I got back to work and had to find a baby sitter for my 3-years-old boy. We turned to an agency and were happy with the woman they found for us.
    But, after a while I noticed some bruisers on my boy, some scratches...well, I'm sure she didn't beat him, no, but the neighbours told me later they saw some people comming to my house during the day! My husband and I were both working, so it was her who was taking guests at our house!!! How cool is that??
    She denied everything...then she quited. The agency told us they are sorry and bla bla bla, and we could do nothing, cause we had no proof!
    I'm sure Sam got the scratches just because she overlooked him being busy with friends of her, socializing.

    So now it seems like we found a new nanny...I like her very much and she has lots of recommendations. But this time I want to play it safe. I decided I will set a video surveillance.

    Does anyone has such experience?

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    we have had so many experiences. The first day care broke his arm and couldn't tell me how. Then we took him to a licensed in home care center. She`was working for a presidential compaign. She took my son door to door with her compaigning. Taking him into strange people's houses. every day she took all the children rain or shine or snow to pick up her grad daughter at the bus stop. One day he refused to go so she left him in the house alone while she went to the bus stop. Then next day care taught him all kinds of racial words. And that some kids couldn't play with him because he`was not white. The final straw was when a`little girl was molested and we found out because we got a letter from the police department telling us about it. At that point I quit working and stayed home with him.

    I've heard of a lot of peope using videos to help protect their children. You have to do whatever you have to do. Best wishes.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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