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    I have 4 children: 6yr old, 5yr old, 1 yr old boys and a 2mos baby girl. I want to home school so badly because I think it would be a fun wonderful beneficial experience for my family. I'm a wahm for Alpine but I intend to return to outside employment as an lpn. I want to know if homeschooling would be a good idea in my case. I want to do it but I'm afraid I will struggle and regret it and cause more harm than good. The public school environment: shading a class room with uninterested students and teachers alike just isn't conducive for promoting creativity and a desire to discover and learn. I am literally fantasizing about homeschooling but I am wondering would this be an option being a mother of 4 kids, husband is not working on and disability, and I will be working full time outside the home as a nurse maybe overnight. I do not know what homeschooling entails so maybe an experienced homeschooler can enlighten me?

    I am in the mobil, al area and would definitely love to connect with any other homeschooling parents in our around mobile

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    Many people do work fulltime and still homeschool. Your little ones are younger so you wouldn't be spending as much time schooling as you would an older child. This will give you the opportunity to ease into it. My suggestion would be to find a good local support group to get involved with. They would be able to answer your questions better than I can since they know your state laws.

    I'm going to copy this post to the Alabama State Forum.
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